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Campsite Upper Normandy France

A campsite in Upper Normandy takes you to a region filled with natural beauty. Venture into the forests or totally unwind at your campsite. Upper Normandy has lovely seaside resorts and cultural cities. This northern French province consists of two characteristic departments; Seine Maritime and Eure. Camping in Upper Normandy will be nothing but fun!

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Campsites Upper Normandy: sights

There are numerous daytrips that you could take from your campsite. Upper Normandy has plenty of sights so is also great for a cultural holiday. These are a few of the cities you could visit:

  • The capital, Rouen
    The capital of Upper Normandy is a must-see when staying at your campsite. Rouen has beautiful old houses and churches. Visit one of the many museums, go shopping or dine extensively.
  • Seaside resort, Dieppe
    This lovely seaside resort has regular bustling markets where you can buy produce from the Normandy cuisine. Well worth a visit when staying at your campsite. Dieppe is a great place to place to go shopping!
  • Harbour town Le Havre
    This enormous harbour town was almost completely flattened by bombing in WW2. It has since been completely restored and Le Harve is now on the Unesco World Heritage list and is a city full of sights.

As well as these great cities, there are also numerous idyllic villages that you can visit from your campsite. Giverny, the small pearl on the Seine, has become famous as the home town of the painter Claude Monet.

Unspoilt nature close to your campsite

Upper Normandy offers you a variety of unspoilt nature in the vicinity of your campsite. Eure, in Upper Normandy, has plenty on offer when it comes to peace and quiet. A holiday in this department means greenery, hills and dense forests. That is why Eure is a favoured destination for hiking or cycling.

Another enjoyable day trip that you can take from your campsite is a visit to Etretat. Etretat is famous for its imposing chalk cliffs. This French region offers you a bit of everything within reach of your campsite. Upper Normandy is, all-in all, an excellent holiday destination!

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