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Campsite Vosges France

Campsites in the Vosges are situated in a beautiful mountainous landscape. In this low mountain range (up to 1424 m) in North Eastern France you will be able to totally unwind at your campsite. The Vosges also has a number of interesting cities like Nancy and Metz. Culture lovers will certainly enjoy themselves here. In short, the Vosges is a region that has everything you would need for an ideal camping holiday!

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Campsites in the Vosges: camping in nature

The Vosges is a mountain range that extends from Alsace, Lorraine and Franche-Comté to the Black Forest in Germany. The landscape consists mainly of extensive forests and open meadows. Every now and then you will come across a typical northern French village where you will enjoy the local specialities and delicious wines.

During a camping holiday in the Vosges you will find more than 2,000 kilometres of hiking and cycling paths. This region entices you to get active during your stay at a campsite. The Vosges is very popular for hiking, mountain biking and cycling. More extreme sports like rafting, mountain climbing or paragliding are also possible here.

Sights in the Vosges

In the Vosges you will find various bustling cities in the vicinity of your camping site. You will find plenty of sights that will entice you to go on cultural excursion during your holiday. Highly recommendable are:

  • The castle at Epinal
    In the valley surrounding Epinal you will find exceptional castle ruins. In this cultural and artistic city you will find the famous Saint Maurice’s Basilica, around which this city is built. You will quickly get to know the history of Epinal through the prints made by Jean-Charles Pellerin in 1796 that can be viewed in the ‘Imagerie d’Epinal’.
  • Metz
    Metz, the capital of Lorraine, is also famous as a floral city. Vibrant hiking routes will lead you past the Mossel River and sights like the highest gothic cathedral. You will enjoy the hospitality in Metz sitting on a pavement cafe on the Place St. Jacques with a delicious cup of coffee and French pastries.
  • Nancy
    The classical city of Nancy is a place that you should certainly visit from your campsite. Nancy became famous due to the Art Nouveau movement. Visit the remarkable Place Stanislas that is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This town square’s side streets offer an extensive choice of restaurants and shops.

Climate in the Vosges

The climate in the Vosges can be very changeable. The mountain range divides the climate. On the western side of the Vosges there is typically more rain and lower temperatures than on the eastern side. In the summer you will enjoy the wonderful sun here at your campsite. The Vosges will ensure you have the very best holiday!

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