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What are the consequences of the coronavirus for your holiday at SunCamp?

Throughout Europe, countries have taken measures to contain the coronavirus. As a result, many camping holidays cannot or may not go ahead. Many campsites do not open until June. All camping holidays that would leave before mid-May can therefore not go ahead. Below you can read exactly what we can do for you if you have booked a holiday that (possibly) cannot go ahead.

We’re dealing with an exceptional situation. That is why we have opted for an exceptional solution. Together with the branch association ANVR and the SGR ( Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden/ Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation) and other providers of holiday travel, we made the Corona-voucher. With that voucher you can book a new camping holiday with Suncamp for the same amount of money as your original (down)payment (excluding reservation fees and extras such as insurances). So you don’t lose your money.

The SGR guarantees your (down)payment
Very important for you as a holidaymaker is that the SGR guarantees the value of the Corona-voucher. This is why travel providers such as Suncamp can offer the Corona-voucher as compensation for your (down)payment. The Corona-voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue, with a final departure date of October 2021. The Corona-voucher is personal. It cannot be transferred/hand over? to anyone else.

How does the Corona-voucher work if your camping holiday at Suncamp is cancelled? Reservations in April and May, which are cancelled by us, will receive the Corona-voucher from Suncamp. We will contact you no later than two weeks before your planned departure via the e-mail which you used for your booking. You will then receive more information regarding your Corona-voucher and how you can use it. The exact terms and conditions can also be found on the Corona-voucher itself.

I booked a trip with a travel agency. Now what?
If you have booked a camping holiday with Suncamp via a travel agency, you are in principle also entitled to the Corona-voucher. The travel agency, you have booked with, can request this for you at Suncamp.

What if my new camping holiday is more expensive or cheaper?
If your new holiday is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference. Is your new holiday cheaper? Then you will receive a voucher/coupon for 25 percent oft he difference in price.

Which Suncamp campsites with a SunLodge will open later?
The following campsites with our own Sunlodges have cancelled all their bookings up to 30th of May: Belle Austria, Terme Catez, Pra' delle Torri, Union Lido, Marina di Venezia, Albatros, Tahiti, Bella Italia, Cisano/San Vito, Eurocamping Pacengo, Altomincio, Vilanova Park, Leï Suves, La Vallee Verte and Serignan Plage.

When will i hear if my camping holiday is cancelled?
All Suncamp and SunLodge bookings up tot wo weeks in advance will be permanently cancelled by Suncamp as long as the corona measures still apply. Other bookings are also expected tob e cancelled. However, we will wait fort he final confirmation of the campsites we work with, before cancelling them definitively. We will of course keep you informed.

Departure after mid-May
We understand that you are unsure whether your upcoming camping holiday will go ahead. Please be patient and do not contact us. For the time being the regular cancellation conditions apply for camping holidays, that leave after mid-May. Should the situation still change, you will, well in time, ofcourse receive a personal message from us via the e-mail address you used for your booking.

Special solutions for special circumstances
We realise that – under normal circumstances – in the event of a cancellation by the tour operator, we will have to refund the entire travel sum. However, the current situation is so exceptional that the ANVR and the SGR support the corona-voucher prepared by us and various other travel providers. Travel providers throughout Europe have opted for this special solution. On the website of the SGR you can read more about the corona-voucher and the guarantee they give you.

We wish you and your loved ones a lot of strength during this exceptional time. We hope that you will soon be able to enjoy a pleasant, carefree camping holiday with Suncamp.