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Campsite Altmühltal Germany

A campsite in Altmühltal will unlock for you the biggest nature reserve in Germany. This valley, along the winding river Altmühl that dominates the whole area, is prime holiday country and has some fine campsites. Altmühltal is also perfect for sport-loving campers: you can go hiking, cycling, canoeing and much more. Altmühltal is a fantastic holiday destination!

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Campsites Altmühltal: Canoeing, cycling and hiking

This cherished national park is in the heart of Bavaria in southern Germany. It is a region to delight nature lovers. There’s no better way to get the total holiday feeling than to take a long cycling or walking tour through these green meadows and down the banks of the Altmühl.

There’s a host of other outdoor pursuits that Altmühltal is excellently suited to. Besides hiking and cycling, this region is extremely popular for its kayaking and canoeing. You’ll also hugely enjoy the swimming here, for instance in the Flussschwimmbad (River Swimming Pool) in Ornbau or on the Altmühlsee (Altmühl Lake).

Altmühltal is also an excellent holiday destination if you have children with you. Suitable day trips with children include treasure hunting in Steinbruch or a fun old-fashioned time at the Bauernhofmuseum (on farming heritage).

Cities worth visiting near your campsite: Nuremberg and Ingolstadt

Nor is this part of central Bavaria is lacking in cultural riches within reach of your campsite. Altmühltal is close to some outstanding cities offering a slice of authentic Bavarian culture. Just two ideas:

  • Nuremberg
    Nuremberg (Nürnberg) has an evocative past behind it. There are still plenty of reminders here of the metal industry that prospered from the end of the middle ages until after the Second World War. The attractive old buildings, well-kept museums and abundance of shops make Nuremberg a fabulous day out.
  • Ingolstadt
    If you fancy a break from cooking at your campsite, Ingolstadt has numerous restaurants of good quality. Go down to the banks of the Danube and you’ll have a beautiful view of the city and get your bearings for several of the city’s towering buildings, such as the Kreuztor (Cross Tower) and St. Moritz church.

So there’ll be no problem finding culture near your campsite! Altmühltal is also home to a number of imposing castles, Roman remains and marl quarries: the quarries turn up fossils and you can even go hunting dinosaur trails! It all adds up to make camping in Altmühltal a treat for all ages.

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