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Campsite Bavaria Germany

A campsite in Bavaria is certain to provide for a varied holiday. Bavaria is one of the most varied regions in Germany, with high mountains, lakes, rivers and magnificent forests. In addition to dazzling countryside, the region also offers a lot when it comes to culture. Whichever campsite you choose, you are guaranteed a fantastic holiday!

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Campsites in Bavaria

If you are looking for the perfect campsite, then Bavaria has a lot to offer, with campsites boasting swimming pools, playgrounds and entertainment teams. You could choose a camping pitch, but many campsites also offer the option of renting accommodation such as a mobile home or a bungalow.

Campsites in Bavaria are surrounded by a gentle sloping landscape bursting with thick pine forests, lakes and rivers, and you don’t only have to visit in the summer to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Bavaria. The region is also great for camping in the winter.

Activities from your campsite

You can enjoy just about everything from your campsite. The Bavarian Forest is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Germany, where you can enjoy hiking and cycling. Bavaria also makes for a perfect holiday destination for lovers of water sports.

You might choose to take a ride along the Romantic Road (Romantische Strasse) through Bavaria, where you can enjoy the varied landscapes that the region has to offer. The road runs from Würzburg to the foothills of the Alps and is one of the most renowned tourist routes in Germany.

Sights in Bavaria

If you are keen on visiting the cities and towns of Bavaria, then there are a number of locations that you simply must explore:

  • Nuremberg
    Nuremberg is famed for its time-honoured toy industry and for being home to the oldest zoo in Europe. The world-famous Christkindl market and town centre are highly recommend for a day trip.
  • Munich
    The city of Munich is an absolute must when it comes to visits from your campsite. Munich is known for its annual Oktoberfest, but the city has a great deal more to offer, including museums, churches and other historical buildings.
  • Würzburg
    Würzburg, situated on the river Main in the north of Bavaria, is typified by art, culture and Franconian wine. Famous sights include the Würzburg Residence and Fortress Marienberg.

Bavarian towns are often characterised by their sharply contrasting mix of historical buildings and modern architecture. Alongside its towns, the region also boasts many more charming sights, such as Neuschwanstein Castle. Bavaria is perfect for those looking for a varied holiday!