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Campsite Ionian Islands Greece

Campsites on the Ionian Islands are surrounded by wooded mountains, white sandy beaches and beautiful blue sea. You will be amazed by the views during your holiday. Cephalonia, Zante, Ithaca (or Ithaki), Lefkas and Corfu are the most well-known of the Ionian Islands. Camping on one of these Greek islands means you stay in a wonderful and varied environment.

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Campsites on the Ionian Islands: Greece at its most beautiful

The Ionian Islands are relatively less populated than the other Greek island groups so you will be able to find complete peace and quiet at your campsite. The Ionian Islands are characterised by the abundant nature found there.

Go for a lovely hike and enjoy the mountains, the sea and the floral splendour. Your holiday promises to be unforgettable, regardless of which island you stay on at a campsite. Lefkas for example, is perfect for surfing enthusiasts. You will find two of the best surfing beaches in the Mediterranean Sea here!

Lovely day trips on the Ionian Islands

You could easily spend hours by the azure blue sea but campsites on the Ionian Islands offer you so much more. If you stay on Corfu for example, then you will enjoy yourselves in the beautiful town of Kerkyra and in the wooded mountains. You will find something different on each island:

  • Cultural villages on Zante
    If you want a break from the camping site then Zante (also known as Zakinthos) has plenty of lovely villages, like Anafonitria, where you will find a 15th century monastery. You can admire the imposing sea caves in the mountain village of Keri.
  • Variety in Cephalonia
    Cephalonia (also known as Kefalonia) is the biggest of the Ioanian Islands and increasing numbers are coming here to stay at the campsites. Cephalonia has something for everyone. You can find quaint villages, cultural cities and of course, beautiful white beaches.

You can take your own tent or caravan with you to the campsite. The Ionian Islands however also offer camp sites where you can rent a beautiful accommodation, like a bungalow. The beautiful countryside that you will find on the Greek islands will take your breath away.

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