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Campsite Thessaly Sporades Greece

Campsites in Thessaly Sporades are the ideal setting to totally relax and unwind. If you want to join the hustle and bustle for a change, then you are in the right region. There are always lovely cultural cities and villages in the vicinity of your campsite. Thessaly Sporades has beautiful countryside. Take a hike in the imposing mountains and forests or along the wonderful coastline.

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Campsites in Thessaly Sporades: culture and countryside

Culture and nature are closely entwined in Thessaly Sporades. You will find very special villages tucked into mountain recesses near your camp site. Kastraki is one beautiful example. Skiathos, one of the Sporades of Thessaly, is a lovely island for a day trip!

There are plenty of places in this Greek region that are well-worth a visit, including:

  • The rock village Kastraki
    In Kastraki you will find the Doupiani, an enormous rock with hollows. You must discover the mythical stories about the rock when staying at your campsite. Kastraki also has beautiful monasteries from the 14th and 15th century.
  • The mountain city of Volos
    Volos is built at the foot of Mount Pelion. This city is just outside the borders of Thessaly Sporades but not far from your campsite. Volos is characterised by its neoclassical houses and beautiful churches.

The Mediterranean climate means that it is lovely and warm in the summer. You can fully enjoy sitting under the palm trees at your campsite. Thessaly Sporades is also famous for its white beaches and the peninsula of Pillion. This island is a popular location in the region and a fantastic ingredient for a successful holiday in Thessaly Sporades.

Sunny stay at your campsite

You can use your own tent or caravan when camping in Thessaly Sporades. It is also possible to rent a beautiful apartment at the campsite.

In this region you will experience an unforgettable time at your campsite. Thessaly Sporades enables you to taste the rich Greek culture. Enjoy the views, walk through the small streets and visit the monasteries built on pillars of rock!

Stayed on Campsite Sikia in Káto Gatzéa in August 2014

Nice beach. Beautiful nature! Possibility to make many daily excursions.


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