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Campsite Zeeuws Vlaanderen Netherlands

Campsites in Zeeland Flanders (Zeeuws Vlaanderen), the part of Flanders that belongs to the Netherlands, are mostly situated on the beautiful coast that the province of Zeeland is loved for. This outlying Dutch region lends itself equally well to the active or the relaxed camper. Zeeland is famed for sun, beaches, lush polder fields and unspoilt farming villages — and you’ll be ideally placed to enjoy all this from your campsite. Zeeuws Vlaanderen is great for a varied holiday!

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Campsites in Zeeuws Vlaanderen: holidaying on the Zeeland coast

If you and your family have been looking for a suitable campsite, Zeeuws Vlaanderen — the southernmost part of the Dutch province of Zeeland, but by land linked to Belgium only — is a good option. Camping in this region is a great opportunity for chilling out for a day on the beach, and for your children there’s nothing more fun than splashing around in the sea and sand.

In season, the Zeeland coast has lots of beach catering outlets, fun places to restore your energy. The local specialities you really should try here are the delicious mussels and the edible shore plant zeekraal (once popular in Britain under the name samphire or glasswort).

Activities within reach of your campsite

After a relaxed day on the beach, you might find it’s time for a day out with a bit more adventure for a change. There’s no shortage of places to discover in Zeeuws Vlaanderen not far from your campsite.

  • Hiking and cycling
    Around the campsites, there are some lovely walking routes. Some of the best hiking and cycling in Zeeland Flanders is at the western end in Het Zwin nature reserve, along what used to be an arm of the sea (and there’s a nature reserve on the Belgian side of the border here, too). Just ask at your campsite reception where you can hire bikes locally and which cycling routes are the best bets.
  • History
    While on a camping holiday in Zeeland Flanders, you can also go in search of the many churches and authentic windmills. If you would like to know more about the history of this area (which was a series of islands long before Zeeland took it over and drained it), there are several museums to visit that will fill you in. If you’re up for a nice day’s shopping, the place to head for is the historic town of Sluis.
  • Belgium
    Zeeland Flanders is actually closer to Belgium than to anywhere in the Netherlands! Just an hour or so by car and you’re Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp. Each of these three Belgian cities is justly famous and you can make a great day trip out of any of them from your Zeeland Flanders campsite.

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