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Campsites in Southern Spain

Southern Spain is heaven on earth for those who love the sun, sea and beach. Many tourists find their way to this sun-drenched part of Spain all year round. The snow-white beaches (Costa Blanca), palm trees and azure sea provide the most beautiful pictures. It also goes without saying that there is enough for culture lovers to enjoy here too. Cities such as Seville, Malaga, Granada and Murcia are filled with monumental churches and palaces, parks filled with flowers, charming squares and fascinating museums. Camping in Southern Spain is thus an ideal way to experience the countryside and culture in a relaxed way. And the sun is always shining!

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Andalusia, the ‘real Spain’

The idyllic Andalusia, land of oranges, sunflowers and flamenco is one of the largest autonomous regions in Spain. With cities such as Seville (capital of Andalusia), Malaga, Granada, Cordoba, Cádiz and Almeria, there is an abundance of Spanish cultural heritage in this area. The smaller towns are also interesting to visit. Many tourists praise the region for its purity. The hospitality of the Southern Spanish population is also greatly appreciated. Life is generally inexpensive, which means you can readily eat and drink out. Old fashioned enjoyment with the whole family is possible in Southern Spain.

The Costa Blanca

Also very well-known in Southern Spain: The Costa Blanca. In well-known coastal resorts such as Alicante and Benidorm, holidaymakers can enjoy the beautiful white beaches, golden sun and refreshing sea water to the full. Yet there is even more natural beauty; a visit to the Canelobre Caves with their amazing stalactites and stalagmites is highly recommended. They are also enjoyable on a hot day. Those who fancy a city trip can easily go to Valencia.

The campsites

HThe entire family will enjoy themselves to the full at a campsite in Southern Spain. All amenities have been provided. At large campsites with various pitches (Mediterranean planting provides shade) you have the choice of how you camp, so find a great spot for your tent, caravan or motorhome. If you would rather have some luxury, then renting a mobile home or SunLodge is probably a good idea. Young and old can entertain themselves on the campsite. The often-multi-lingual entertainment team will do its very best to offer a varied programme. Older children can spend their energy on the many sports fields. You can cool down in the swimming pools (sometimes with slides and paddling pool) or in the sea. In short: You will find everything you need for an unforgettable holiday at a campsite in Southern Spain.

The weather

The weather in the south of Spain is good almost all year round. With an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius you can go camping here in every season. If you can’t stand the heat, you are better off avoiding the summer. It is often very pleasant in March with temperatures of up to 25 degrees, but from May it is hot everywhere. This heat (around 35 degrees) can last until September, even to October. If you would like to visit Seville, then avoid it in July and August as the temperature can reach 40 (and sometimes even 45) degrees.

Large cities in Southern Spain

For those who have had enough of the beach and would like to take in some culture, there are many wonderful cities to visit. Here you can read which places are worth visiting.

  • Málaga
    This is a very popular port, and rightly so. The warm, easy-going look and feel of the city (with a car-free centre) make it the place to take quiet walks. For instance, you can take a walk to the castle for a fantastic view, or stroll over the trendy pier filled with little shops and bars. The fountains and parks filled with flowers and palm trees give the city a typical Mediterranean look and feel. Tip: Take a tour in a coach to discover the city.
  • Sevilla
    More and more tourists are finding their way to Seville; it has now become a popular destination. The Sevillians are proud of their city, and with good reason! The royal palace with its splendid garden and the Plaza de España, once a film set in a Star Wars film, are only two of the reasons to go to Seville. Walking through the narrow alleyways you will discover the loveliest little shops and restaurants. You will also stumble across tapas bars with the tastiest dishes. Tip: If you have already visited Seville and fancy something new, then Granada (with the world-famous Alhambra Palace) and Cordoba are just as beautiful.

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