3 easy tips for restyling your camping equipment

October, 14 2019

When you go camping with your second house on wheels it goes without saying that you want it to feel like home. What’s the best way to tackle that? I have three tips for how you can get a wonderful effect on a small budget. Grab your camping equipment and get pimping!

Tip 1. Get that homely feeling with accessories

Camping with your own motorhome or caravan is the best thing there is. But, it can be even better! Despite the fact you already have to take a lot of stuff with you, your own camping accommodation shouldn’t lack accessories. To give you some inspiration, we have created a mood board that will show you how a few accessories can boost an interior. A big effect with a little bit of effort!


Image source: Pinterest

For example, buy some throw pillows, a little rug or a tray filled with candles or flowers. These are items that you often have in your home so why not when you go camping, too? The photos say enough!

Tip 2. Create the right atmosphere

With the right lighting you can easily create a warm and homely atmosphere. If you will be sitting outside in the evenings, make it even nicer with large garden torches! Even a simple candle on the table creates a lovely atmosphere. If you like playing games then you might need some additional light, and pretty fairy lights are ideal. They will provide you with enough light and look really charming to boot! Make sure you get lights that are suitable for outdoors. Even if they are hung up under your awning they can get damp and that would be a shame!


Image source: Pinterest

Of course, you also want to be able to enjoy your revamped motorhome or caravan when you are inside, so you will need some light here, as well! Warm light provides a cosy and homely feel. Replace your standard bulbs with warmer light bulbs. Or hang up an additional garland lights with warm-coloured lights.

Also fun: change the lamp shade! This provides a playful feeling. Our mood board illustrates the instant effect created by a lampshade. You can have as much fun with it as you want. Big, small, ultra-modern or old-fashioned, all lampshades give their own individual atmosphere.


Bron afbeeldingen: Pinterest

Tip 3. Grab your paintbrushes

Now that you have pimped the inside of your motorhome or caravan you can’t neglect the outside. If you are a real artist, you can restyle your motorhome or caravan with wonderful paintings. If you would like to tackle it on a smaller scale or you are far from a creative genius, then no worries. Even a simple block of colour is enough to create a completely different look and feel.

There are 1001 examples of easy ways to do this yourself. I have found the best ones to give you some inspiration. Grab the paint and paintbrushes and get to work! Caravanity gives you a helping hand with a list of tips for when you start painting.

Another idea, and one that is suitable as an activity with children: make lovely window paintings. The whole family can join in with the fun! It is a creative weekend activity that you will enjoy for a long time afterwards.


Image source: Pinterest

Share your creation

It’s understandable that you can’t wait to get to a campsite to show off your motorhome or caravan. Find your ideal holiday now. And don’t forget to share the results with us in the comment section!

Eva Roes
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  • When she was a child, Eva would go camping every year; she, her twin brother and her parents would set out with their trailer tent to southern France, Italy or Croatia. She has visited many beautiful campsites. As a true camping enthusiast, Eva now shares her own experiences with others!


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