Great food in Ljubljana: 5 tips

July, 11 2019

Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination. Rightly so if you ask me. Ljubljana is worth a visit, not only because of its historic architecture, beautiful countryside and great atmosphere. But also for its food! There’s something for everyone here: from traditional Slovenian kransjka klobasa sausages to a delicious burger. But where can you find all that delicious food, and where are the best restaurants?

1. For the person who doesn’t know what they want

Do you find it difficult to choose a dish, or do you simply want to try it all? Then the Open Kitchen food market is perfect for you. Every Friday from March to October, there is a market where Slovenian chefs prepare delicious dishes. You can stroll around here and be amazed at all the delicious goodies on offer. There’s a huge range of food and drink here – from home-made Slovenian pasta to spring rolls, spare ribs, stuffed crepes, local beers and much more.

Open Kitchen - Ljubljana
Location: Pogacarjev trg, 1000 Ljubljana

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2. For the meat lover

Pop’s Place is close to the famous Drakenburg, in the centre of Ljubljana. This burger place serves delicious and affordable burgers. And there’s plenty to choose from. To complete your evening, order one of the many special beers. These beers are almost all brewed locally. Together with the range of burgers it offers something a little bit different. Pop’s Place is definitely worth a visit if you fancy a great burger and chips.

Burgers @ Pop's Place - Ljubljana
Location: Cankerjevo Nabrezje 3, 1000 Ljubljana

3. For those with a sweet tooth

The Nebotičnik Cafe, at the top of the Skyscraper-building, offers a stunning view of Ljubljana. You’ll head up to the 12th floor with the lift. Once you get there, you can enjoy the breathtaking view while sampling a piece of cake, a cocktail, or just a coffee. The restaurant is the perfect place to relax after an afternoon of strolling around the cultural highlights. Tip: the beautiful view of the city makes this a great place for a family photo, definitely one for in the photo album.

Skyscraper - Ljubljana
Location: Shtefanova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana

4. For the culture lover

Julija restaurant is in the old part of Ljubljana and is famous for its romantic atmosphere and delicious food. There’s something for everyone: European and Slovenian dishes, but also vegetarian and vegan choices. They’ve thought of the little ones too, with special children’s portions on the menu. Give one of the traditional Slovenian dishes a try – they are different every day, and eating something local is sure to give you that holiday feeling! For example, try idrijski žlikrofi, these are Slovenian dumplings.

Restaurant Julija
Location: Stari trg 9, 1000 Ljubljana

5. For a quick bite

If you want to have a quick bite, then a kransjka klobasa  is perfect. This traditional Slovenian sausage is available at Klobasarna in the centre of Ljubljana. Quick and tasty with a sandwich and a soup. The original sausage recipe can only be made by one of 11 certified producers. And there’s even a festival – the Festival of the Carniolan sausage – held every May to promote the sausage.

Kranjska klobasa - Ljubljana
Location: Ciril-Metodov trg 15, 1000 Ljubljana

Not yet booked a holiday to Ljubljana, but really want to after reading this blog? Then take a quick look at these Slovenian campsites below and book!

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