This is why you should go camping in Austria: 5 cool tips

May, 22 2018

Choosing to go camping with children in Austria is choosing to take a holiday in one of the friendliest countries in Europe. Austrians welcome everyone warmly and with open arms. If you really want to enjoy your holiday in these beautiful surroundings, we definitely recommend including some sport and cultural activities in your holiday.

River Gail, Austria.

1. Swimming in clear lakes and rivers

Wherever you find mountains, you’ll also find water – that’s what they say in Carinthia. You can swim here in the Gail, a tributary of the Drava River. For instance near the Schütt Power Plant, or at Kirchbach, where the Gailfluss, also known as ‘Nature’s Playground’ will tempt you with fruits and berries, and where you can have a lovely barbecue together. You can do all sorts of different water sports on and around the Natterer See in the Tyrol.

2. Huge caves

Is the sun hiding? That’s not a reason to stay inside at the campsite. You could visit one of the many caves. Cool, beautiful, underground…exciting! You can see some of the largest stalactites in Austria at the ‘Lurgrotte Peggau’ near Graz.

Hallein salt mine

3. Underground adventures

Mind your head, we’re going underground in the Hallein salt mine! Cocooned in a miner’s suit your eyes will pop out of your head on an exciting train ride, you’ll be amazed at the illuminated salt mine on a boat trip, and you’ll dive into the depths on wooden slides. You’ll learn all there is to know about this ‘white gold’ in this historic part of Salzburg. Great fun, and educational for kids too!

4. Who’s going to be the new Robin Hood?

Hidden in the Tyrolean Oberland, you’ll find the perfect place to discover what it’s like to step in the footsteps of the historic hero (or thief?) Robin Hood! The whole family can learn archery here. And no, not with a plastic bow and one of those sticks with a suction cap on the end, but on the real thing, with sharp arrows and wooden bows. You can register for this brilliant course one day in advance at the tourist office in Pfunds.

Alpenzoo Innsbruck

5. Zoo at the top of the world

The Alpenzoo in Innsbruck is situated 727 metres above sea level, and is home to more than 2000 animals. Most importantly, it’s a themed zoo where many alpine animals live. As well as rare animals, the Alpenzoo has a huge playground. The zoo is in an interesting area: on the edge of the Northern Range of mountains. Here you can also discover the medieval Weiherburg castle, an important building in Austrian history.

Child-friendly campsites in Austria

Joyce Broekhuis
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