A wonderful glamping holiday in Slovenia

August, 30 2019

Camping Terme Čatež is a first-rate campsite in Slovenia. With its enormous water park filled with slides, it’s a favourite among families. The extensive amenities, such as a beauty centre, sports facilities and multiple restaurants, make this a really appealing campsite. If you want to go on a glamping holiday, you can choose from several luxury SunLodges at Camping Terme Čatež. Two families stayed in these luxury mobile homes and shared their experiences with us. Here are their stories!

‘We had such a great time!’

Paulien and Joeri and their two daughters (aged 3) stayed in a SunLodge BigLeaf.

We started the long car drive from the Netherlands with some trepidation. You never know how things will go with two children aged three on the back seat. Beyond all expectations, we arrived at the campsite in quite a relaxed mood. We were warmly greeted by one of the SunLodge managers who guided us to our SunLodge BigLeaf.

Paulien en Joeri Terme Catez

Dishwasher and a large shower
The thing we noticed was the lovely layout of all the SunLodges. They looked really nice and you didn’t have a direct view into a neighbour’s lodge. That’s quite handy when you are walking around with hardly any clothes on. The BigLeaf was spaciously laid out and we were completely happy with the nice kitchen with a dishwasher! The bathroom had a large shower and was ideal for us: Mum or Dad could jump in with the two children and splash about. The large veranda was also a really enjoyable spot.

Big leaf terras

Lazy River
There were more than enough options for swimming and splashing around! The children’s pools at Camping Terme Čatež have slopes so that, as an adult, you can lie in the water in the sun while the children play safely. It made swimming that bit more relaxed. The Lazy River (or Lavy Rizer as one of our little ladies kept calling it) was the favourite. Great, Mum and Dad can join in and bob around in the water. And if you want to do more than that, there are some really cool slides. So, plenty of fun to be had in the water for young and old!

‘Slovenia is a brilliant country for a holiday!’

Eva & Gerrit went camping with their two children (3 years and 11 months) in a SunLodge Catalpa.

If we’re honest, we had some preconceptions about countries further east than France, Italy and Austria. Our initial associations were of a certain kind of people, illegible letters, bad roads and meals with lots of fish and fat. Those preconceptions were soon gone: you can pay with the euro, go shopping at Lidl or Aldi, the letters are legible and everyone speaks a bit of English. The weather was lovely, the roads were fine and there were more than enough restaurants that matched our eating style. And the countryside and houses are so picturesque in Slovenia! Add to that the reasonable prices, extensive woodlands, the wild brown bears and it’s simply a brilliant country for a holiday that isn’t much further to drive to than Southern France.

Unparalleled view
Camping Terme Čatež is spacious and looks structured and tidy. It’s easy to meet the neighbours. Our SunLodge Catalpa was equipped with all conveniences and as far as we were concerned, the beautiful mobile home was just as luxurious as a holiday home. The plusses: good air-conditioning, two bedrooms, two separate toilets, two separate showers and plenty of cupboard space. The kitchen was compact and comfortable. Everything was within arm’s reach without having to take a step – ideal! I wish I’d had this experience when designing my own kitchen. The 15 m2 veranda with a wonderful view over the mountains, with Croatia behind them, was our favourite spot. The morning sun, afternoon shade, evening sun, lovely breakfasts, lunches, dinner or relaxed drinks, chatting with the neighbours that pass by, children playing on the floor: that well-known holiday feeling.

Catalpa duolounger

Gigantic water park
We ate breakfast on the veranda around seven in the morning and then went to the swimming pool. We were all splashing about by 9 am. Afterwards, one of us went back with the youngest for their afternoon nap. A perfect moment for a relaxing read. After that, we had lunch together on the veranda and then back to the pool for part two of the fun. In the evenings, we cooked for ourselves or took it easy and ate in the restaurant. The water park was gigantic with lots of different pools for every age category and water play equipment and a large pirate boat for the children. We had a really good time!

Eva en Gerrit Terme Catez

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