The coolest roller coasters in Europe

October, 24 2017

If your children are completely crazy about roller coasters, or perhaps even you like a good shot of adrenaline at times, then you must read on. This blog lists a number of the coolest roller coasters in Europe.

There often is a minimum height to be able to go on a roller coaster. In order to avoid disappointment when you are at the park with your children, the minimum height is stated with the rollercoaster.

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris’ Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is the stunning new version of Space Mountain, the park’s flagship attraction. In the attraction, a spaceship immerses you in the atmosphere of the Star Wars universe for an intergalactic battle. Take your place in the Rebellion and lead the clash against the Empire. Minimum size to access the attraction: 1.20 m.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is twice on this list. The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster in Disneyland is all about, well, what else would it be, rock ‘n’ roll. Aerosmith (an American rock band) has the starring role. During this ride (and even as you stand in line for the attraction) you can hear the sound of the band’s guitars. You reach a speed of about 60 miles per hour in three seconds and you shoot through lightning rigs, hairpin turns and heart-dropping drops and loops. Minimum height is 1.20 metres.

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Silver Star – Europa Park

In Europa Park in Rust in Germany you will find many exciting rollercoasters. The first rollercoaster you must go on is the Silver Star. At 73 metres, this is one of the highest rollercoasters in Europe. And furthermore, you ride through the bends and drops at 80 miles per hour, which also makes it one of the fastest. You can feel the 4G forces and adrenaline racing through your body. Minimum height is 1.40 metres.
Euro-Mir in Europa Park

Euro-Mir – Europa Park

When it starts moving, the roller coaster Euro-Mir in Europa Park appears calm, but nothing is further from the truth! You ascend slowly to then take a 28-metre nosedive back down. The fact the cars rotate 360 degrees during this ride is what makes it so special and at the same, scary. You might even go down backwards! See how dizzy you are when you get off this rollercoaster. Minimum height is 1.30 metres.

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Black Mamba – Phantasialand

You will find the Black Mamba at the Phantasialand theme park in Brühl in Germany. The Black Mamba is the queen of the snakes and you will be left in no doubt about that. During the ride, you wind through dark abysses and gorges then whizz past the steep rock wall over a waterfall. This ride incorporates it all, there are exciting loops and terrifying corkscrews. Minimum height is 1.40 metres.

De Python – Efteling

We already had the Black Mamba in Germany, and now we also have the Python in Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, a thrilling rollercoaster. Take a twisting and turning ride at great altitude with its double loop and corkscrew. Minimum height is 1.20 metres.

the Baron 1898 in Efteling

Efteling’s newest rollercoaster is the Baron 1898. During this ride, you drop down a distance of 37.5 metres! The most thrilling thing about this rollercoaster is that at the highest point you hang completely vertically and you so you can’t even see the tracks. It seems like you are falling into an abyss, without knowing where you will end up. Minimum height is 1.40 metres.

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Speed of Sound- Walibi

In the Walibi theme park it is all about the rollercoasters. Here, you can go from one rollercoaster to the next all-day long. One of the most spectacular rollercoasters is the Speed of Sound. On this rollercoaster, you first go forwards until you reach the end, then you ride backwards along the same track! Minimum height is 1.30 metres.

MP Xpress – Movie Park

Movie Park is located in Bottrop, Germany. At MP Xpress, the cars don’t ride on the tracks but hang on them. Your feet dangle in the air, making this ride even more exciting. If you look down during the descent, you will see your feet at the bottom of the car. You are then looking at the ground that is 30 metres below you at points. Adding to the excitement, when you go upside down, you can see your feet and the sky with nothing in between. Minimum height is 1.30 metres.

Van Helsing roller coaster in Movie Park

Van Helsing Factory – Movie Park

If you dare to step into the world of vampires, then take a ride on the Van Helsing Factory. This ride is not for children who scare easily, because the rollercoaster has something of a haunted house or scary Halloween party about it. You fly though sharp bends to keep out of reach of the scary thrills. Minimum height is 1.20 metres.

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Anubis: The Ride – Plopsaland de Panne

Plopsaland, only for the youngest ones? Not at all! During a ride on Anubis: The Ride you loop the loop no fewer than three times. You reach the maximum speed of about 55 miles per hour in under two seconds and are shot straight up to then ride through various loops to return to the starting point. Minimum height is 1.25 metres.

Raptor – Gardaland

Gardaland has been mentioned in multiple blogs. It is located on the popular Lake Garda, which is a well-loved holiday destination every year for many tourist, mostly Dutch. The Raptor Raptor is a thrilling rollercoaster in which you are shot from the ground and you hang next to the track as it were. Minimum height is 1.40 metres.

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If you have ever taken a ride in a rollercoaster that is not mentioned in this list, then please let me know below which rollercoaster you thought was even more exciting and spectacular that the ones here.

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