5 great tips for your holiday photos

January, 9 2020

The wonderful summer days are over again. We hope you still think back fondly to the lovely camping holiday of last summer. The great atmosphere, the nice weather, and the delicious food! If only you could go back in time… Luckily you still have the pictures! Or are they still on your camera or phone? If they are, that’s a shame. We’ve made a list of the best tips on what to do with your holiday snaps. That way, you can look back and enjoy your holiday forever!

Tip 1: Polaroid photos

Polaroid photos are back! Why not capture your beautiful holiday with a real polaroid camera? The fun thing about this camera is that you have the picture you just took in your hands right away. But even without a Polaroid camera, you can still use Polaroid photos! Nowadays, you can have your photos printed in polaroid format. Hang the photos from a cute LED cord, tack them on your notice board or put one behind your mobile phone case.


With Polaroid photos, you don’t have to have your photos printed anymore. And with a little creativity, you can do all kinds of cool things with them.

Tip 2: A personalized calendar

Design your own yearly calendar with your favourite holiday pictures. Every month you can enjoy your wonderful holiday again. To make it even more fun, you can also use holiday photos from longer ago. This way you can be transported back in time and enjoy your holiday for years to come.

Tip 3: Create your own photo collage

Collect your holiday photos and create your own collage for on the wall. This can be done, for example, with the popular Dutch brand IXXI. You can use your own photos to create the most beautiful wall decoration. Did you shoot the perfect picture during your holiday? Or are there too many perfect pictures to choose from? At IXXI you can decide for yourself what the end result will look like: large, small, multiple photos, one photo. A big advantage: you don’t have to drill holes in the wall. The photos can be attached to each other, and attached to the wall, with the special tools provided.

Mooie wanddecoratie

Fill up your whole wall with lots of different pictures. Why not?! Image: Ixxi

Tip 4: An old-fashioned photo album

Don’t forget the beautiful photo albums that you can make, both online and the old-fashioned way. Snuggle up on your sofa with a hot chocolate and leaf through the holiday photos. The longer the holiday was ago, the nicer it is to see the pictures again!

Tip 5: Make sure to save your digital photos properly

The last, and certainly the most important tip: be careful how you save your pictures! Having holiday pictures is of course a beautiful and valuable memory. Nothing sadder than losing them. So save your photos in the Cloud or on an external hard drive. Whatever happens to your camera or laptop, your photos are safe.


TDuring your holiday by the sea, don’t forget to take a picture of the sunset!

Do you have any good tips?

What do you do with your holiday photos? We’d love to know, please tell us in the comments!
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Eva Roes
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