A last-minute camping holiday, something for you?

August, 12 2019

A last-minute holiday sounds great! If the weather at home isn’t up to much, or if you decide to head off on holiday on a whim, a last-minute camping holiday is easily booked. And they often look like they’re great value too! But are they? Don’t you get better value if you book early? And – will there still be space at the more popular campsites? We’re here to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of a last-minute camping holiday.

The advantages and disadvantages of a last minute camping holiday

The advantages and disadvantages of a last minute camping holiday
To get straight to the point: a last-minute offer is – on average – cheaper than booking early. If you look purely at the price, it pays to book at the last minute. Moreover, it gives you extra flexibility. If it looks like the weather’s going to be bad in France, you can decide to go camping in the Netherlands or Spain instead. You’ve probably heard lots of stories of people sitting in the rain abroad for the whole two weeks of their holidays. While back home, everyone who went camping was sitting in glorious sunshine. That’s much less likely to happen if you book just before you plan to leave.

Not yet booked a holiday? You’ll find all of our last-minute offers here. You can take advantage of offers including 7 nights for the price of 6, and discounts of up to 40%. So you can still benefit from extra low prices at campsites across France and Spain or in other parts of Europe.

Last minute, why not?
It’s true that a last-minute trip is often cheaper and gives you more flexibility, but there are disadvantages too. In the high season, you’ll find that the popular campsites are simply full. If you take a chance and hold out for a last-minute offer, you may well just miss out on that beautiful camping pitch or mobile home by the sea. The best pitches have probably already been reserved by the people who booked early.

Last-minute camping also means packing in a hurry, and little time to prepare. That’s something you have to be happy with. If you’re someone who enjoys the anticipation of planning all the fun trips around the campsite, or you enjoy daydreaming about floating around that wonderful swimming pool, then a last-minute holiday probably isn’t for you. And if you have specific requirements, for instance a mobile home where dogs are allowed, your choices will also be a bit more limited.

The advantages and disadvantages of booking early

The advantages and disadvantages of booking early
You’ll often find the really spectacular deals with last minutes, but booking early can also be good value. And more importantly: you’ll know that you’ve booked your spot! Whether you want to go to that campsite right on the water, or you’re enthusiastic about a luxurious glamping spot, special places are quickly booked up. If you already know your holiday dates, you may as well book your holiday. Once you’ve booked, the anticipation can begin and you’ll be able to relax before your well-deserved holiday. You can start thinking about fun days out, and decide which cities and sights you want to visit. Or buy a walking or cycling map of that nature reserve nearby.

Why avoid booking early?
Early booking discounts can be attractive, but the best last-minute offers are often cheaper. The lowest prices are often found for last-minute holidays. Another reason to hold off with booking is the unpredictability of the weather. If the weather is going to be bad where you’re going, you can’t just change your plans. Although – with Suncamp we have a solution for that: the better weather guarantee ‘Follow the Sun’. If you’ve booked a SunLodge somewhere where poor weather is forecast, you can rebook elsewhere for free.

Conclusion: last minute holiday or booking early, which is better?

If you don’t mind a little uncertainty, then a last-minute can be very interesting. If you can find a good offer, then you’ll often find the cheapest holidays last-minute. And if you’re flexible about your holiday dates, there’s a good chance you’ll find your perfect last-minute campsite in our range.

That said, most camping enthusiasts attach a lot of importance to their holidays. It’s the highlight of the summer, and you don’t really want to take a chance on that. Being sure that you have a good spot booked, that you have some choices about where you’ll be, and that you have the time to prepare properly are also important. Money is no match for a great holiday full of beautiful memories!

Tom Haze
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  • Tom has been camping since he was a toddler, holidaying in countries like Spain, France and Norway. He has a passion for nature and loves action and variety. Tom loves sharing his enthusiasm for camping and rarely travels without his guitar and specialty coffee.


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