Slovenia in a nutshell

November, 29 2018

Surrounded by the well-known holiday destinations Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, you would think that Slovenia is fairly subordinate to its neighbours. But nothing could be further from the truth. Slovenia is very popular! More and more holidaymakers are finding their way to this country. And we can understand why, because with its coastline, untouched countryside and river-rich territories, the country is easily a match for any other European holiday destination. But what are the best spots to visit in Slovenia? And what else should you know before you go on holiday to this Eastern European country? Let us tell you!

A bit of history

With an area of approximately 20,000 square kilometres, Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe. Until 1991 the country belonged to the communist republic of Yugoslavia. On 25 June that year, the country declared its independence as the Republic of Slovenia. It took until 2004 before Slovenia became a member of the European Union, and in 2007 the official currency became the euro. The country’s capital is Ljubljana, where the traces of communism are still clearly visible in the streets.


The climate

Slovenia is situated in the south of Europe and you can tell. Especially in the south of the country there is a Mediterranean climate, which makes it pleasant all year round and even quite hot in summer. The north has a real continental climate with cold winters, partly due to the Slovenian Alps. Ideal for winter sports!

Lake Bled

There are numerous excursions possible when camping in Slovenia. A real crowd pleaser is Lake Bled. This crystal clear lake is situated in the middle of a mountainous landscape. The surrounding green forests and snowy peaks are reflected in the lake. In the middle of the water, on a tiny island, there is a church. At various places you can rent boats to sail on the lake. Would you rather sit back and relax on your way to the island? Then use one of the gondolas. If you are staying on the mainland, then a trip to the Castle of Bled is a must!

Lake Bled

Compact but lovely

Slovenia’s coast is compact but lovely. Here you will find small, idyllic coastal towns like Piran (built on a peninsula), Izola (the Slovenian equivalent of an Italian port city) or Koper (a great place to shop). What these coastal towns all have in common is that they still have an old town centre and that you have a fantastic view of the sea.

Don’t miss these Slovenian highlights

  • Rafting on the Soca River
    The River Soca runs through the west of Slovenia. Various water sports activities are organised on this river, such as rafting, canyoning and kayaking. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there are zip lines that go over the water. From above you have a beautiful view over the rocks on either side of the river and the green forests.
  • Triglav National Park
    This park – one of the oldest in Europe – owes its name to the 2.864 metre high mountain called Triglav. Reaching the summit is possible for the experienced hiker. During the walk, give your eyes a taste of the rock massifs, waterfalls and clear lakes you’ll encounter.
  • Wine tasting in the Podravje region
    You wouldn’t think so at first glance, but the east of Slovenia (The Podrajve region) is known as a romantic wine setting. And rightly so, it looks like the kind of place you might read about in a romance novel. The rolling hills, panoramic tracks, rustic villages and tasteful white wines make the area idyllic and lovely.
  • Postojna caves
    If you are on holiday in Slovenia with children, then a visit to the Postojna caves is almost inevitable. These caves are part of the largest cave system in Slovenia (20570 m2). Visitors can learn everything about the origin of the underground system, and are taken through the caves with a little red train. Great fun for children.

Podravje region

Camping in Slovenia

Would you like to camp on the Slovenian coast? Or would you prefer to be close to Lake Bled? Check the Suncamp holidays selection to see if there is a campsite to suit your holiday needs. By the way, did you know that from 2019 you can also rent a SunLodge at Camping Terme Čatež in Slovenia? All other Suncamp holidays campsites:

And, have we convinced you to make Slovenia your holiday destination next year? Or have you already been there and do you have tips that are missing here? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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