Top 10 must-sees and must-dos in Rome

October, 9 2018

Many roads lead to Rome … and that’s lucky for us! Because Rome is a beautiful city to visit and it wasn’t built in one day. That’s evident when you walk through the city! There is so much to see that a list of all must-sees and must-dos is needed. That’s why I wrote a top 10 of things to do in Rome. Interesting for newcomers to this historical city, but also for ardent Rome-goers, because I have included some unique activities that many people do not know about.

1. Panoramic route by bike

Admittedly, traffic in Rome is hectic. So cycling in the Eternal City will not be recommended by everyone. But I do recommend it. Why? Because you can discover many more places by bike. From the hills of Aventine, Pincio and Capitoline to the ruins of the ancient Roman theatre of Pompeius, you’ll be able to see all the city’s highlights during the panoramic route.

2. Go-karting in the city park

Need to get rid of some excess energy in Rome? In the Villa Borghese city park you can rent go-karts. A playful activity to do together with the children. You will need to be quite fit, because the hilly park landscape offers some resistance! Don’t feel like pedalling? There are also Segways for rent.

Rome Villa Borghese

3. A journey through three thousand years

If you are fascinated by the interesting history of Rome, you should definitely visit the Time Elevator, a 5D cinema where you can dive into history. Victories, defeats and famous people from Rome’s history are all part of the show, such as famous artist Michelangelo. An exciting journey that involves all the senses, and a fun trip for the whole family!

4. A place of legends

According to legend, Pope Gregory begged God to put an end to the plague. God’s response? The appearance of Archangel Michael. A chapel was then built on this spot, with a statue of the archangel on it. Order tickets online to make your visit to the Castle of Angels run as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to waste any time visiting Rome!

5. Rome’s most famous (key) hole

The best view of St. Peter’s can be seen through a small keyhole. Take the bus to Aventine Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome, just outside the city. Then walk over Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta towards the door of the Villa del Priorato di Malta. Close your eye a little and be surprised by the beautiful view of St. Peter’s. Go early, because everyone wants to look through the famous Roman keyhole.

Rome key hole

6. A purrfect break in Rome’s busy centre

In the middle of Rome’s busy city centre you will find dozens of cats leisurely strolling among the temple remains of the Area Sacra dell’Argentina. Purring on the columns they take in the Roman sun. The Roman ladies Silvia and Lea have set up a shelter for stray cats here. Volunteers will be happy to show you where the cats take their afternoon naps and have their meal. You can support the cat shelter by buying a nice souvenir in the shop.

7. The colossal Colosseum

No, you can’t just skip the Colosseum. It is a must see! The gigantic amphitheatre appeals to everyone’s imagination. But you don’t have to join the huge queue to see it. Your Colosseum ticket includes a visit to the Forum Romanum and Palatino. So go there first and join the queue (which is usually not long, maximum fifteen minutes). If you want to visit the Colosseum after that, you can just stroll past the queue and walk in with your ticket.

Rome Colosseum

8. Rome’s vibrant centre

In Rome you might almost stumble over the many Roman remains. The same goes for the Forum Romanum. This plain was once the vibrant centre of Rome where everyone gathered to talk about politics and cast their vote. Don’t forget to bring your camera during a visit to the Forum Romanum. When you walk through the remains of this centre, you’ll come across beautiful temples and triumphal arches. Also take a bottle with you, so you can refill it at one of the fountains. A welcome refreshment!

9. Throw a coin into the Trevi fountain

Of course the romantics among us have to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain. Did you know that about three thousand euros of change is thrown into the fountain every day?  Romance clearly isn’t dead in Rome! Tip: don’t visit the fountain at the busiest time of the day, so not between about 10.00 and 18.00. Go very early, or very late. The latter is especially pleasant. I often used to eat my dessert there (a tasty Italian ice cream) before I went home.

Rome Trevi Fountain

10. Romantic view from Monte Mario

If you are looking for a truly romantic place, without hordes of tourists but with Rome at your feet, then Monte Mario is the place to be. It’s a romantic viewpoint of the Parco di Villa Mellini. The park nowadays houses the Osservatorio Astronomico e Meteorologico and a restaurant, which is responsible for the nickname of the viewpoint, ‘Lo Zodiaco’. The ideal place for an aperitivo.

Tip: buy a Rome City Pass at home. The Rome City Pass is the first City Pass in the world that doesn’t need to be picked up and can be scanned from your phone at all attractions and museums! An excellent option for anyone who wants to enjoy all the highlights of Rome without having to book all the tickets. It’s really handy: it even includes the airport shuttle!

Even though there are countless things to do and see in Rome, take your time so that you can really see the city and also take a break now and then to enjoy a delicious gelato. After a day full of impressions you can then return to the peace and quiet of your campsite. On you will find several great campsites near Rome.

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    This is the perfect place to visit especially with the kids, to let them learn more about Rome’s rich culture and history. Thank you so much for sharing this list.


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