You simply must visit the Krka waterfalls!

December, 7 2018

Okay, “must” may be too strong of a word. But if you are on holiday in Croatia, the Krka National Park is definitely highly recommended to visit. Because walking around here is like walking around in a fairy tale. With emerald green lakes, big and small waterfalls and beautiful flora and fauna, it is just really beautiful.

During our holiday in Croatia, my boyfriend and I really wanted to go to this park. But Krka National Park is big. Very big. It does not only have waterfalls, but offers many more attractions. We therefore chose to visit only a small part with a focus on the waterfalls. Oh, and this is us at the Krka waterfalls:

We arrived at the Lozovac-entrance at around 1 o’clock. This is one of the five entrances. You can park here for free and then walk to the beginning of the park within fifteen minutes. You always get the tip to go to a tourist spot early, so you can avoid the crowds. My boyfriend and I (unfortunately) hadn’t heeded this advice, so to start with we ended up walking through the park in what I would describe as a train of people. Fortunately, the train soon dispersed as people were walking at different speeds and took different directions.

Walking through a green fairy tale

In the park we walked over wooden ramps, through a magical landscape. We wanted to photograph every pile of moss with glittering drops of water, every splashing waterfall and every kind of wildlife we encountered; it was just all so beautiful. Everything is so green; pure enjoyment for nature lovers.

After walking a bit, we suddenly heard a rushing sound. The further we went, the louder the sound got. We had arrived at one of the larger waterfalls! A mighty spectacle, all that water constantly clattering down. A great spot to enjoy the view and take a selfie. We didn’t have much time to stop here, though, because there were a lot of other people waiting to catch a glimpse of the waterfall. We decided to keep going.

At the end of the two-and-a-half hour hike, we were treated to the most beautiful and the largest waterfall of all: Skradinski buk. Very picturesque!

Splashing around!

It is possible to swim at Skradinski buk. We felt like we were in a true paradise when we jumped into the cool water and were floating around while watching the impressive waterfall. Taking a dip here was the perfect way to end our visit to Krka National Park.

But we weren’t the only ones who wanted to swim. There weren’t many empty spots to sit around this lake, and we had to sit on the ground. There are a number of drinking and eating stalls on the shore. They charge a hefty price, but it is good that the option is there for people who forgot to bring their own food.

Boat trips

The park is situated around the Krka river, hence the name. And of course it is also possible to explore the park from the river! There are numerous boat trips on offer, all with different routes.

For example, from the Skradin entrance you can take a boat to the largest waterfall Skradinski buk. The boat trip takes about 25 minutes. The boat departs to the park every hour on the hour and returns to Skradin every hour at half past. From the boat you have a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Besides the Skradinski buk waterfall you can also visit the Roški slap waterfall. If you want, you can take a boat. This boat trip takes 4 hours and includes a stop on the island of Visovac, a journey through the Među grede gorge and a 1-hour walk around Roški slap.

It’s up to you how you visit the park.

Practical tips:

  • Read up on the park before you go: The park is very large and there are many possibilities in terms of sights, hiking trails, boat trips and excursions. Find some information and decide in advance what you want to see.
  • Entrance fees: Prices vary per season. In June to September you pay 200 Kuna (£ 24) per person. You will then receive a ticket that gives you access to the entire park. For excursions you pay extra. See all prices here.
  • Wear good walking shoes: To reach the Krka waterfalls on foot you have to walk down a path (875 metres) from the parking lot, strewn with loose stones. It’s a bit dangerous to walk on slippers.
  • Shuttle bus: If you don’t feel like walking then it is possible to take a bus between April and October. It will take you from the car park to beginning of the park and vice versa. The bus is included in the entrance fee. In the other months you can drive your own car to the starting point of the park.
  • Dogs are allowed: You can take your dog to this park! It must remain on the lead at all times, though.

Campsites near Krka National Park

We camped at campsite Zaton holiday Resort (You can read all about how we liked it right here). We drove from this campsite to the Krka waterfalls; it was about a 1 hour and 20 minute drive. We thought the drive was fine! Other nice campsites nearby are:

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