How do you take the best holiday photos?

February, 7 2018

If you’d like to come home with the most beautiful or original holiday photos, read our tips for taking the best snaps. You too can take amazing pictures by viewing your surroundings from a different angle, or by using the right settings on your camera. Oh, and don’t forget to take in your surroundings now and then, without looking through your lens.

Get to know your camera

If you’ve purchased a professional camera, such as a single-lens reflex, and you’re not a professional photographer, we recommend getting to know your device. What can you do with the various functions and how can these be applied? That means you should practise with your camera before setting off on your travels. You might even consider taking a course.

If you only take photos using your smartphone, the settings usually mean nice shots are taken automatically, or you can put filters over them. The quality of course depends on the smartphone’s lens and on the software it uses for taking photos. With certain mobile phones, you can also arrange the settings for taking perfect shots manually, so you should practise with this too.

Take a step to the right

Many people decide to have the subject of the photo in the centre of the image. However, you can also opt for a different composition, as that way you get a photo that looks a lot more playful and has greater depth. You should try taking a step to the right or crouching down, and viewing the shot to be taken from a different angle. It definitely gives you unexpected results.

Spontaneity is rewarded

Try not just taking posed photos. While these are also nice, it might be nicer taking a photo of a spontaneous or exciting moment. If the kids are engrossed in building a sandcastle on the beach, why not take a photo. Or if your partner’s staring out over the expensive ocean, take a snap of this unguarded moment.

Eye for detail

Everyone’s familiar with the posed photos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, with everyone pretending they’re stopping it from falling down. However, there are of course plenty of other objects you can take funny photos with. By simply changing your composition.

Don’t forget yourself!

If you love taking pictures while on holiday, it can sometimes be the case you hardly end up in any yourself. You should make sure you’re also immortalised from time to time, and a handy way of doing this is having your children take photos too. Teach them how to handle the camera! Or alternatively, by using the self-timer.

If you have any other good tips for taking the best holiday photos, please feel free to let us know.

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  • Lucia is a real lover of camping, but sometimes she chooses extra luxury and then she enjoys a holiday in a luxurious glamping tent! Nowadays she can call herself a Glamping expert. Lucia likes to inspire people with new ideas and tips for a successful camping or glamping holiday.


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