6 x unique places to stay on your holiday

December, 4 2018

Do you spend every holiday in ‘just’ a tent, caravan, mobile home or motor home? It’s nice and familiar and there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but today there are so many more interesting options out there than you might imagine. For example, you can sleep in a wooden pod, get your own tepee in an Indian village or spend the night in a transparent cocoon and enjoy the starry sky above you. I’ll give you six tips for unique places to stay. Which one appeals to you most?

A warm bath

What do you need for an overnight stay? A bed, a roof over your head and your own hot tub of course! At Camping Bled, you sleep in pods – wooden double cabins, but with a luxurious bed and the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own warm bath. Your private hot tub is waiting for you just outside the pod, all in the fairytale surroundings of the Slovenian Julian Alps and Lake Bled.

Stay overnight in your pod with your own hot tub

Regal camping

Are Camping Bled’s wooden cabins not spacious enough for you? Then try an overnight stay in the regal RoyalLodge at Camping La Vallée Verte in France. This fairytale glamping tent has been specially designed for campers who want luxury and comfort. You’ll have two bedrooms with private toilet facilities, a living room with a lounge area, an open kitchen and dining area and a spacious, shaded terrace.

Stay at the comfortable RoyalLodge

By the way, don’t spend the entire holiday in your luxury accommodations. Camping La Vallée Verte is located at the crossroads of the Ardèche, the Cévennes and the Provence and that means: beautiful nature, waterfalls, gorges such as the Gorges de l’Ardèche, nice French villages and the vineyards of the valley of the Rhône, so there’s plenty to see and discover.

Slovenian Pirates’ Bay

Slovenia is a holiday country that is becoming increasingly popular, and you can find some pretty unique accommodations here, too. Earlier I showed you the hot tub at Camping Bled, but Camping Terme Catež has something special to offer, as well. This large family campsite has its own Pirates’ Bay. These special chalets float on the water and can only be reached via a wooden bridge (or gangway).

You can head ashore again in the morning and enjoy all the beauty that this campsite has to offer. How about the impressive pool complex with an outdoor pool, heated indoor pool and a paddling pool, and of course there’s a separate children’s play space with whirlpools, fountains, waterfalls, slides and … a pirate island!

Stay at Pirates' Bay

Tepee tents and Indian villages

We’re going to stay at Camping Terme Catež for this one, because even if you prefer to sleep on the mainland, this campsite has something special to offer. Opposite the Pirates’ Bay is the Indian village, where you can go back to the time of Pocahontas in your own tepee – but slightly more comfortable, because these Indian shelters are equipped with beds, a sitting area and a small kitchen. If you want to get out of the Indian life, explore not only the water park but check out the local area, too, like lovely Ljubljana, the caves of Postojna or the Croatian capital, Zagreb.

Your own tepee tent in the Indian village

Stargazing in the Ardennes

Love is in the air at Camping Le Val de l’Aisne, especially if you stay in the sphair for the night, because in this transparent bubble, you can gaze at the starry sky above you right from your romantic double bed. The sphair is fully equipped with a private seating area and LED mood lighting. If you want to get out of your romantic bubble, soak up the sun on your own terrace or seek out adventure in the Belgian Ardennes.

Stargazing in a sphair

Sleeping like a log

For the last unique tip, we don’t have to go far. In fact, it’s at the very same campsite. You can also sleep in a tree here. In a tree? Indeed! The tree nut literally hangs in the tree, with some assistance from a steel frame and straps. This creates the droplet shape that is also reminiscent of a stone. The tree nut is four meters high and suitable for two people, or two adults plus two small children.

You climb via a ladder in your tree nut, the interior of which is just a large round mattress. Through the tree nut windows you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of the Belgian Ardennes. And once you’ve climbed down from your tree house again, there’s garden furniture downstairs ready for you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Spend the night sleeping like a log

At Suncamp, there are plenty of other campsites where you can spend the night in a unique setting or (glamping) tent. How about trying out the different types of adventure lodge tents and luxury mobile homes for a real glamping holiday?

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