Activities in France on 14 July

June, 14 2018

Without a doubt, France’s biggest national holiday is on 14 July. The Bastille in France was stormed on this day in 1789, which started the French Revolution. Now, over 220 years later, the whole country celebrates the date and there are fun activities, parties, shows, and above all, lots of fireworks. Where are the best places to go and where do they have the most spectacular fireworks? I’ve made a list for you.


The capital of France is at the centre of all the activities on 14 July. The Storming of the Bastille took place here in 1789 and since then the holiday has been exuberantly celebrated in the city. It starts during the day with a large military parade over the Champs Élysées towards the Arc de Triomphe. The army, air force and marines all take part in this parade.

In the evening, there is a big concert on the Champs de Mars and the evening ends with a fantastic firework display by the Eiffel Tower. There are also various parties, including in the fire stations in Paris. See the complete programme here.

Parade Parijs tijdens quatorze julliet in Frankrijk
Take note: many museums are closed in Paris on 14 July, the Louvre is open however.

Campsites near Paris (max. 2 hours’ drive)


During the day, you have the option of going to a flea market or market fair. During the evening, there are performances throughout the city with great music and plenty of opportunities for dancing. At the end of the evening there is a firework show at the Park Georges Charpak after which you can carry on dancing until the early hours.

Campsites near Montpellier (max. 2 hours’ drive)


The festivities start a day earlier in Lyon. There is a military parade throughout the city on 13 July. The traditional Guinguettes Republicaines is held on 14 July. This is when you can sample all kinds of dishes from intercontinental cuisines. During this delicious dining event, there is wonderful entertainment and plenty of room for relaxation.

In the evening, various balls are held in the city, including in the various fire stations the so-called Bal de Pompiers. And keeping up the tradition, the evening ends with a spectacular firework show on Fourvière Hill.

Campsites near Lyon (max. 2 hours’ drive)

The best fireworks in France

There are celebrations throughout the country, and the aforementioned are only a small selection of the many activities and parties held on this day. You can see fabulous firework shows across the whole country on 14 July, but some are just that bit more spectacular than others. Go here for the best fireworks shows:

  • Cannes: This city is known for its firework festival that takes place every summer. This year again, on 14 July, the Bay of Cannes will put on an amazing spectacle.
  • Carcassonne: With a view of the beautiful fort, the firework show in Carcassonne is shown off to the full. The show lasts about half an hour.
  • Annecy: The fireworks mark the end of the evening in Annecy. The fireworks come with lots of music. The reflection of the fireworks on the water make it an amazing sight to behold.

Campsites near these three cities

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