The loveliest markets in France

November, 22 2017


Do you enjoy browsing around markets in different countries when you’re on your camping holiday? It definitely contributes to the feeling you’re on holiday, and is a great way to get a feel for whichever city you’re in. Strolling around a colourful market with the different smells and observing all the hustle and bustle. Enjoying the atmosphere, tasting the local delicacies, or searching for the perfect souvenir.

This time, we’ll take you with us to a few of the nicest markets in France. From a lively Provençal local market to a flower market with brilliant colours.

Flower market in Nice

In the old city centre of Nice there’s a beautiful flower market every Tuesday to Sunday. You’ll walk through the narrow lanes with old, pastel-coloured buildings to the Cours Saleya, one of the liveliest squares in old Nice. Here you can enjoy an explosion of colours and scents at the flower market.

The market gets its name from the huge number of flower stalls. As well as flowers, you’ll find fresh fruit, fish, paintings, herbs and lots more at this atmospheric market.

Market in the old centre of Nice

On Mondays, there’s no flower market on the square, but you’ll find a flea market instead. People who love second-hand stuff can try to search for treasure amongst the old and antique things. You can buy anything here, from glasswork to jewellery, to hats and old toys.

In the summer months (June – September), the flower market is transformed in the evenings to an art and crafts market where artists sell their canvasses.

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    Market in Sarlat La Canéda

    On the beautiful Place de la Liberté town square in the medieval town of Sarlat la Canéda there’s a lovely market every Wednesday and Saturday. Wander past the various stalls selling local specialities. The scents of the fresh local produce will definitely tempt you to try them. Try a nut tart, or the goose liver you’ll find everywhere at the market.

    As well as the local produce, you’ll also find fruit, meat, fish, toys, clothes, jewellery, sweets and souvenirs for tourists at the market. The market is even more charming thanks to the stunning medieval decor. Authentic, picturesque Sarlat la Canéda is beautiful and has real character.

    Market in Sarlat La Canéda

    If you’re tired of walking around the market, you should take the time to wander through the medieval centre of town. Take a trip back in time walking through the narrow lanes, and daydream about the old houses.

    The market is very popular, so it’s a good idea to arrive early, particularly in the high season. If you go later in the day, it can be tricky to find a parking space, and it can also be very busy.

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    Marché des Enfants-Rouges

    In Paris, there are more than 80 markets to choose from. There’s a wonderful market in every arrondissement. One of the oldest indoor markets is Enfants Rouges (‘the market of the red children’). The somewhat unusual name of this indoor market refers to an orphanage that used to be near the market. The children from this orphanage used to wear red jackets.

    At this market, which has been here since 1602, you can buy fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish and bread. There are also a few flower stalls and food stands. The food stands are particularly popular. At the food stands, you can try foods from all over the world, from Moroccan couscous to Japanese snacks.

    You help yourself to the food, and enjoy your delicious paid meal at the improvised terraces with little tables and chairs. This makes for a messy but fun and lively atmosphere that is so characteristic of a market.

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    Provençal market in Lorgues

    In Provence, market day is a party day. A visit to a Provençal market, with a variety of Mediterranean products such as herbs, wicker baskets, and fragrant lavender products is an experience in itself. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, the pleasant atmosphere, and the mix of scents.

    Here, the market still has a social function, and you’ll find many locals at the market. There’s a lively atmosphere at the market, and you’ll get a real sense of true Provençal life.

    The authentic Provençal market of Lorgues

    One of the largest weekly Provençal markets is the market in Lorgues. This characteristic Mediterranean town is in a beautiful location, between the vineyards and rolling green hills.
    Every Tuesday morning during the weekly market, the centre of town smells of delicious thyme, lavender, handmade nougat, and other delicious local produce. As well as various local delicacies, you’ll also find vegetables, fruit, clothing, bags and hats at this market. The whole town lives for the colourful market, and it’ll make your day too!

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    Which French market have you ever visited that should have definitely made our list? Please let us know!

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