Glamping: what is it and where can you do it?

August, 23 2017

Holiday makers who have never camped before don’t know what’s hit them when they first go on a glamping holiday, and experienced campers may well experience luxuries they no longer want to do without. Glamping is hot! You might have heard the term before, but what is it exactly? Once you’ve read this blog, you’ll know all there is to know about glamping, and you probably won’t be able to wait to book your next holiday.

What is glamping again?

Let’s start at the beginning. Of course, camping no longer has the stuffy image it once did. It’s been years since you had to carry your own toilet roll to the toilet with you, and it’s definitely not just for people who enjoy ‘back to basics’. Campsites are getting more and more luxurious, and feature many amenities, from wellness centres and water parks to hairdressers and dog grooming salons. Ok, that last thing is a bit of an exception, let’s take a step back.

Glamping means ‘glamourous camping’, and what it comes down to is that you can camp in luxury accommodation, with all the modern conveniences. Think of comfortable beds, your own bathroom with a separate toilet, a dishwasher, and heating. Ideal!

Who is glamping for?

“Who isn’t it for?” I’d almost say. Campers who have for years gone on the road with their own tent or caravan and are looking for something different might choose a glamping holiday. But glamping also lowers the threshold for people who want to start camping.

If someone has spent years holidaying in a hotel or apartment, they will most likely not suddenly start going camping in a tent. But what about a luxury tent, fully equipped? The beds are very comfortable, and there might be a kitchen unit with an oven or even a dishwasher. These facilities make taking your first camping holiday a lot easier.

Glamping in the Bintulu SunLodge

What’s so great about a glamping holiday?

The biggest advantage of glamping is the convenience. You don’t need to bring your own tent or caravan to your holiday destination. Everything’s already there! As well as that, there is often a fun, cheerful atmosphere at a campsite. You can also experience this atmosphere, just from a luxury or unique accommodation option. You can easily chat with other campers, and children can make new friends easily, so that they can go off and play, go swimming, or play table tennis.

Another huge advantage is that you are outside the whole day, and that is really nice, not just for the children. Wonderful to wake up and hear all the birds, while you make your way to the campsite shop for fresh bread.

Where can I find a glamping location?

These days, there are many campsites throughout Europe with various luxurious accommodation where you can experience an enjoyable glamping holiday. Mobile homes, chalets, tents, tipis or tree houses: you can’t imagine all the possibilities. Suncamp holidays has developed their own ‘glamping range’. The SunLodges!

There are various types of SunLodges, including adventurous safari tents and luxurious mobile homes. For the ultimate glamping experience, you can stay in the RoyalLodge immersed in luxury. How about two bathrooms, beds with thick mattresses, and Egyptian cotton bed linen as well as a luxurious kitchen with a dishwasher?

SunLodge mobile home, safari tent and RoyalLodge

The safari tents and mobile homes are available in various sizes and types at campsites throughout Europe. The mobile homes can accommodate between four and eight people, and the safari tents can accommodate a maximum of five people. The RoyalLodge is suitable for four people and is located at the La Vallée Verte Campsite in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

Glamping in Croatia

Glamping in Italy

If you’d like to know which other countries you can have a glamping holiday in, look at Suncamp holidays, and filter for glamping. You’ll be able to see which campsites glamping is possible at, by country.

Have you ever been glamping? Let us know about your experiences below!

  • Auteur: Emily
  • When Emily was younger, she went on summer camping holidays with her parents and sister to places like France, Spain and Italy. Her love for camping continues to this day, especially if she can camp close to a beach, somewhere where there is plenty to do to ensure that the holiday is as varied as possible.


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