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June, 3 2019

Glamping is still hot. And each year you can stay in even more luxurious glamping accommodation than the year before. That is also the case at Suncamp. They have developed four brand-new SunLodges with all the luxury, comfort and space you need during a glamping holiday. Two lodge tents and two mobile homes, find out which would suit you best.

For the adventurer: SunLodge BigLeaf

SunLodge BigLeaf

When staying in the SunLodge BigLeaf (52m2) at times, you may ask yourself whether you are in Italy or on safari in Africa. This luxury mobile home has been furnished with a veritable safari look. With teak furniture, a bamboo-like floor, safari posters on the walls, a tree trunk table and a lounge sofa with an animal print, it’s no surprise that you forget where you are. And to complete it all, you can shower under a rain shower!

  • Suitable for 6 people
  • One bathroom, two toilets and three bedrooms
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Kitchen, including a dishwasher
  • Covered wooden patio

Can be found at:

For the enjoyer: SunLodge Catalpa

SunLodge Catalpa

Imagine, you are all having breakfast together at the kitchen island in the morning trying to decide what you are going to do that day. The decision? A day of doing nothing and enjoying the amenities at the campsite and the luxury SunLodge Catalpa (52m2). First all go for a swim in the large swimming pool complex to then have a break at the accommodation. You are relaxing on the large Duo Lounger sofa and your favourite holiday song is playing in the background through the integrated Bluetooth sound system. And the children? They are playing badminton in front of the SunLodge. And your hubby is thinking about what kind of summery meal he will rustle up that evening. Life is good!

  • Suitable for 5 persons
  • Two bathrooms with a washbasin and rain shower, two separate toilets
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Kitchen with a bar and a dishwasher
  • Covered patio (16m²) with wooden garden furniture and Duo Lounger sofa

Can be found at:

For the relaxer: SunLodge Taiga

SunLodge Taiga

If you really want to experience that real camping feeling but also want a bit more luxury during your camping holiday, then try the SunLodge Taiga (39m2). Here you sleep in an extremely comfortable bed with a thick mattress, but under a tent canvas. Experience the perfect combination of luxury and camping. During the day you can enjoy the outdoor life and as evening falls, you can have a lovely dinner at the large dining table inside. Furthermore, the dishwasher will take care of the dishes, the hot water trickles onto your head in the rain shower and you can relax on the large lounge sofa on the covered patio. Here, it’s holiday from the get go!

  • Suitable for 5 people
  • Two bedrooms and a bathroom with a rain shower and toilet
  • Air-conditioning
  • Kitchen, including a dishwasher
  • Covered wooden patio with large lounge sofa

Can be found at:

For the family person: Pamoja & Kambi

SunLodge Pamoja & Kambi

This is actually a holiday home for eight but then under a tent canvas. The perfect glamping accommodation for a large family. Everyone has their own place to sleep in the Pamoja: a romantic four-poster bed for the parents, a cosy box bed for the somewhat younger children and an additional double bedroom. And for the teenagers (or grandparents) there is a smaller lodge tent, the Kambi, pitched next to the large lodge tent. It has space for two people to sleep. What else does this lodge tent for eight have to make it even more suitable for a large family? The playing area under the box bed for the littlest members of the family, the large dining table for lovely family times and the lounge sofa on the patio. Enjoy!

  • Suitable for 8 people
  • Two bedrooms, a box bed and a separate lodge tent
  • One bathroom with a toilet and another separate toilet
  • Kitchen, including a dishwasher
  • Play area for the kids
  • Air-conditioning
  • Covered wooden patio with large lounge sofa

Can be found at:

  • Auteur: Lucia Velthuis
  • Lucia is a real lover of camping, but sometimes she chooses extra luxury and then she enjoys a holiday in a luxurious glamping tent! Nowadays she can call herself a Glamping expert. Lucia likes to inspire people with new ideas and tips for a successful camping or glamping holiday.


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