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January, 8 2018


Sardinia is perhaps not a destination familiar to everyone. This is a real shame, given that it’s the second largest island in the Mediterranean and has so much to offer, such as its white beaches and many hours of sunshine.

However, Sardinia has a great deal more to offer than just a Mediterranean climate, including magnificent coastlines, mountains swathed in vineyards, millennium-old towers (known as nuraghi), romantic mountain villages and local festivals. Sardinia truly has everything any camper could wish for.

Costa Smeralda in the north

If you’re sailing to Sardinia by ferry, you’ll most likely arrive at the north of the island. Here you will find rugged cliffs, well-secluded bays and pearl-white beaches. The renowned Costa Smeralda attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. As well as lazing on the beach working on your tan, a boat trip is also highly recommended, as this is the perfect way to take in all of the islands lying off the coast, some of which are partly uninhabited.

Costa Smeralda

If seeing luxury yachts close up is your thing, head for Porto Cervo, a small town with a marina and brimming with luxury boutiques; making this a bolt-hole favoured by global super rich. The town itself is stunning, although somewhat pricey. On the other side of the coast you’ll find the ‘real Sardinia’, a part of the island untouched by tourism. Inland, farmers make their living from cork production using traditional methods. Here you can explore the centuries’ old cork-oak forests, a habitat for all manner of rare species such as Sardinian wild boar and the Sardinian long-eared bat.

Porto Cervo

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Sprawling beaches in the south east

Further to the south east of Sardinia you’ll find expansive bays with spectacular beaches, the most beautiful without a doubt being those of the Costa Rei. The water here is so crystal clear, you can see the bottom while swimming. The calm waters are ideal for you and your children to go snorkelling and to spot the wide variety of fish.

Costa Rei

Visiting Cagliari, the island’s capital, is also something not to be missed during your stay. The city is renowned for its Roman amphitheatre and impressive cathedral. Wine aficionados are able to book one of the many tours through the interior’s vineyards. Be sure to sample the region’s Cannonau wine, a fruity red popular with connoisseurs the world over. While you’re wandering pick fresh, sweet figs, blackberries or cactus fruit – watching out for the spikes – and take a sprig of rosemary to use with dinner.

Vineyards in Sardinia

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Alghero and the nuraghi in the west

We continue our journey around Sardinia to a very special, remote corner; the north west of the island. Anyone on holiday here certainly has to visit Alghero. This still remains untouched, and is off the beaten track for tourists. A unique dialect of Catalan is spoken in Alghero, harking back to the time when Aragon ruled Sardinia in the 14th century. The architecture also bears witness to this period, with city walls equal in size of those of the former Spanish royal house.


Just like in northern Sardinia, in the west you will find rocky coastlines and countless beaches with small bays. This area is a favourite with divers and fans of other water sports. Anyone with the chance should certainly go diving to marvel at the underwater world and its kaleidoscopic biodiversity.

A different, very special discovery awaits you inland: the nuraghi. These ancient fort ruins, mostly in the form of small towers, were constructed thousands of years ago by Sardinia’s indigenous people in order to protect their villages or as refuges.

Nuraghi, ancient fort ruins.

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If a camping holiday in Sardinia is something that interests you, we can totally understand. That’s why we’ve provided an overview of all Suncamp holidays campings on the island.

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