Six reasons to choose a large family campsite

June, 19 2018

Do you prefer having everything at hand when you go on holiday? Do you just want to be able to do your shopping at the campsite and only venture out for day trips? At the largest campsites in Europe, you’ll want for nothing, with all the facilities you could wish for. You can settle down on your pitch and know that everything’s been taken care of. Do these six perks sound ideal to you? Then a large holiday park may be just the thing for your next holiday!

1. Kids first

Large family campsites are designed with the whole family in mind, and the kids in particular. Because let’s be honest, if the kids have a good holiday, then you have one, too. These campsites know that all too well, so they pull out all the stops to make sure the little ones stay entertained. Especially in the high season, there’s plenty to do at large campsites and the kids will never get bored.

Entertainment at the pool

The entertainment teams often get groups together every day to do arts and crafts, play or explore the area. If your kids prefer to play on their own or with their new campsite friends, family campsites often have playgrounds with fun equipment, trampolines or inflatables. And don’t forget the swimming pool, of course!

2. Not just a swimming pool

Just a pool? When it comes to the pools at Europe’s largest campsites, that word just can’t do them justice. These campsites often have complete swimming oases. Outdoor swimming pools with a swimming area of more than 1,000 m2 aren’t unheard of, and of course separate toddler pools are also available. The Pra’delle Torri Campsite even has an Olympic swimming pool, and the Marina di Venezia Campsite boasts several water slides for toddlers and kids (and even adults).

3. Meet fellow campers

Are you a people person? Do you like the ambience of having fellow campers around or enjoy having a nice chat at the campsite every once in a while? At large family campsites, you’ll never do the dishes alone and there’s always someone nearby to have a chat with. And often you’ll find that you have shared interests or are in the same phase of life. There’s plenty to talk about and you may also brush up on your languages!

4. Enjoy the show

You can read your newspaper in front of your tent or SunLodge and enjoy a drink on the campsite’s terrace. Rest and relaxation is what holidays are for, after all, and you can have plenty of fun alone or with your family. But sometimes it’s also nice to be entertained so you don’t have to arrange everything yourself. At large family campsites, especially in the high season, there’s a special entertainment programme for kids, young people and adults.

Evening show for the children

Join the specially organised sports tournaments at the campsite, go on excursions around the area or end your evening with a show and entertainment at the campsite bar. The staff often put on live performances, shows, musicals and karaoke nights.

5. Culinary delights

You can get French fries or pizza at almost every campsite, but on the larger campsites, the culinary facilities often take that a step further. There’s usually more choice on the menu or the restaurant has a buffet so you can put together your own meal. Some larger campsites even have a complete food court or boulevard where you can choose between several restaurants or bars.

These campsites also often have their own shop, complete with bakery, that’s good enough to rival a proper supermarket. That means you not only have the benefit of wide variety, but you can also enjoy breakfast every morning with fresh rolls and croissants.

6. A little bit extra

The largest campsites can often also offer a little bit extra in terms of facilities. I’ve already talked about the entertainment programme, the swimming oasis and the culinary facilities, but what about an extra wellness centre, special toilet facilities for disabled visitors or for children, or extra water sports attractions? On smaller and medium-sized campsites, you may find at most one or two extra facilities, but at the larger campsites you’ll often have them all at you disposal. That means you’ll be spoiled for choice when you are planning your holiday!

Of course, every perk also has a downside. What you see as a plus your neighbour may see as a negative, so I’d love to know your opinion. What do you see as the advantages of a large campsite? Or would you rather go for the smaller end of the scale?

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