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June, 30 2017

If you love an active holiday but at the same time enjoy the opportunity to spend the day relaxing on the campsite, then a campsite offering entertainment is probably something that you’ll love! Campsites with entertainment teams have something to suit just about everyone in the family. Remember, nothing is a must and everything is a possibility!

Many campsites, usually those on the larger side, have professional entertainment teams on hand to entertain their guests from morning through until late. Entertainment is usually offered in a number of languages too, so no one gets left out. It’s great for the kids, and the perfect way for them to make friends with their fellow campers. It’s also great for adults, who can relax and do their own thing during the day, while being treated to some great evening shows. So what can you expect from campsite entertainment?

Miniclubs — entertainment for the little ones

Entertainment is primarily aimed at children and teenagers, but many campsites have a comprehensive programme for little campers, often in the shape of a miniclub. These allow children to tinker, get dressed up and colour in a dedicate entertainment room.

Fancy dress parties on the campsite

The games kick off later in the day, with treasure hunts, dance and theatre shows and fairy tales — nothing is beyond possibility! Very often there are mascots for a bit of extra fun, plus fancy dress parties! Camping- und Ferienpark Havelberge in Germany even has a real Indian village.

Campsite entertainment for older children

Most campsites also have a comprehensive programme of entertainment for (slightly) older children, with activities being arranged according to age group. This allows the kids to get active with people of their own age, such as in sports contests like football competitions, hockey training and beach volleyball competitions, or even a route through a series of inflatable castles. Entertainment for all ages

If the campsite is close to the water, you can be sure of water-based activities. At Camping Reacreatiepark TerSpegelt, for example, you can enjoy being pulled along by a speedboat.

“The layout of curves and terraces i.e. are not regimented in straight lines like some sites. A very pleasant place to stay.”
– M.J. Scott about Campsite Leï Suves

The evening programme features spectacular theatre shows for the children. Camping Tahiti, for example, has a special theatre for shows for campers of all ages. Children can also take part in shows themselves, and will be given the chance to rehearse throughout the day. The children’s discos are also popular, as is (live) music and sometimes even a foam party.

Evening entertainment programmes for the adults

Evening programmes are often organised for over 18s, with live music, dancing and cabaret shows. Everything is taking care of, all you have to do is watch and enjoy — with or without the children. If you’d like a more relaxed evening, perhaps a games evening will take your fancy? Or, why not test your knowledge in a pub quiz or practise your poker face with a game of cards?

Evening shows and entertainment

“A perfect 10! There was a relaxed atmosphere on the campsite and the enthusiasm of the entertainment team was second to none!”
– M. Jongeneel-Guijt about Camping Tahiti

French campsites with entertainment

If one country rises above the rest when it comes to entertainment, then it’s France, with extensive entertainment programmes on campsites. This not only means that all ages are catered for, but also that various nationalities are catered for, with entertainment in different languages so that no one misses out — which is great if you’re holidaying with the children!

If you’d like to check whether or not a campsite has entertainment in your language, visit Suncamp.co.uk for the campsite amenities.

Entertainment varies from campsite to campsite. Some campsites will collect children every morning on a little train for a day full of adventure, while others offer a smaller-scale programme. Suncamp holidays offer a range of campsites with entertainment. See the range here.

Selection of campsites throughout Europe with entertainment

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