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December, 5 2017


There is something very enjoyable about visiting a market during a camping holiday abroad. It often adds to the overall holiday atmosphere and gives you a taste for the local feel of the city. Wander around a colourful market with the mix of aromas and look at all the bustling activity. Enjoy the friendliness, sample the local specialities or search for a great souvenir.

In this last chapter, we will take you to a number of markets in Spain with great atmospheres that are filled with wonderful smells.

La Boqueria in Barcelona

Mercat de la Boqueria is the most famous market in Spain. This large covered market is located centrally in Barcelona, on the famous pedestrian street of La Rambla. At this spectacular market, you will find an enormous variety of fish, vegetables, bread, fruit, meat and various sweet delicacies. The children will be captivated by the colourful stalls filled with sweets.
Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona

The colourful and perfectly organised stalls create a beautiful picture. So, it’s no surprise that many tourists come to this photogenic market to see the beautiful stalls and photograph the displayed products. Walk around this colourful and wonderfully scented market and treat all your senses.

Here you can fill up your picnic basket with tasty fresh bread, Spanish Serrano ham and Manchego cheese in preparation for a wonderful picnic on Barcelona’s beach.

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Mercado Central in Valencia

You will also find a large covered market hall in Valencia the Mercado Central. As the name says, it is located centrally. You cannot miss this enormous building when walking around the old centre of Valencia. The large building in Art Nouveau style with its high dome of iron, crystal and colourful ceramics is a sight in itself.

In the market hall, you will encounter an explosion of colours and smells. Besides a variety of fresh produce, such as vegetables, meat, fruit and aromatic herbs, you can also buy various regional products at the market such as the delicious Valencia oranges and olives. There is also an enormous fish and shellfish section, which is a remarkable sight for all those who love fish. All the delicious products can be bought at a friendly price.

Mercado Central in Valencia

The products displayed here are neatly, and the market is very clearly organised and clean. The market not only attracts many tourists, it is also very popular among the locals who buy their daily shopping there.

After wandering around this wonderful market, you can sit yourself down at Central Bar. This great tapas bar is located in the middle of the hall and is a great place to enjoy some tasty tapas and a refreshing drink. The market is open from Monday to Saturday.

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Mercado de las Riber del Ter in Girona

The green Parc de la Devesa with its centuries-old plane trees changes from a quiet city park into a bustling market every Tuesday and Saturday morning. At this ‘Mercado de las Ribes del Ter’ you will find over 200 stalls. At this large market, besides vegetables and fruit you can also get yourself a new handbag, a pair of shoes, some perfume or a beautiful scarf.

There is of course plenty of local produce at the market. Sample some dry Iberico ham or buy some paella herbs as a souvenir for those back home.

Mercado de las Riber del Ter in Girona

It is a very friendly market in what is a beautiful park. On warm days, you can also seek out some shade in the park. If the children are not in the mood to wander around the market, there are plenty of playgrounds in the park where they can have fun.

You can find the park on the banks of the River Ter, at a stone’s throw from Gerona’s shopping area. A visit to this market is easily combined with a day of shopping in Gerona.

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Market Tordera

Every Sunday morning, the small, old village of Tordera comes to life and there is a large and wonderful market. The market has been around for centuries and it is one of the biggest markets in the region. Here, you can wander around the wonderful narrow alleyways, see the numerous stalls and search for the perfect souvenir.

Market in Tordera

De smOn Sundays, the narrow streets of this friendly village are filled with over 300 stalls. The stalls are crammed full of various products such as clothing, fresh fruit, vegetables and gifts There is even a small animal section, where they sell small animals such as rabbits and chickens. Great fun for the little ones!

During your camping holiday in Blanes, Barcelona or other city in the vicinity of Tordera, you must certainly visit this wonderful market on a Sunday morning.

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