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May, 25 2018

Good for your skin, your muscles, and even your ability to tan faster. The healing water in Slovenia’s thermal baths is a true pleasure for the body and soul. Looking for an oasis of water, greenery, and tranquillity? Then Slovenia may be the perfect fit for you. And, as an added bonus, Slovenia boasts several unique campsites with their own impressive water parks!

Slovenia is one of the most water-centric countries in Europe and is home to quite a few thermals baths. You can relax completely in the warm water of these natural springs. And these aren’t just any old holes in the ground. In Slovenia, you’ll find plenty of spas and water parks that are fun for the whole family.

The black thermal water of Terme 3000.

Swim in a pitch-black thermal bath

It sounds a bit dirty, black water. But don’t worry, because the dark thermal water at Terme 3000 isn’t a muddy pond, it’s a truly unique warm water spring! The origin of the spring is more than 1,000 metres underground and a balmy 72 degrees Celsius. And did you know that you’ll tan even quicker after swimming in this spring, thanks to the light sensitivity of this black gold? It’ll also have a positive, calming effect your constitution, improving circulation and easing joint pain.

The slide at Terme 3000.

Camping = free water park entry

Its famous black water isn’t the only thing Terme 3000 has on offer – there’s so much more to do. Splash away in one of the 14 swimming pools or opt for a luxurious spa treatment. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then you’ll want to brave the Aqualoop, with 360-degree loops, speeds up to 80 kilometres an hour, and acceleration that beats out race cars. Or, if you’re looking for a more relaxed choice, the Kamikaze water slide is a 22-metre free-fall slide that may be for you. If you camp at the Terme 3000 Marovske Toplice Spa, you’ll get free access to the indoor and outdoor swimming pools at the nearby hotel, as well as the swimming pools at the Terme 3000 water park.

The lazy river, Campsite Terme Catez.

Spotted a dwarf? That’s a new spring!

There was once a dwarf named Čatež. And wherever Slovenians spotted him, a brand new spring with healing powers sprang up. At least that’s how the legend goes. These days, this mischievous imp entertains young and old at the Terme Čatež spa. Cruise down the whitewater river stretching nearly half a kilometre or enjoy one of the 11 thermal springs at temperatures between 58 and 63 degrees Celsius. The healing, thermal waters of Čatež were discovered more than 200 years ago, and all your cares will melt away into relaxation in these natural freshwater baths.

For adventurers and adrenaline junkies

There’s also plenty of fun for adventurers here – a pirate tower with free fall, a black hole slide (which is just one of the 19 slides in the park!), a wave pool, and two thermal rivieras packed with water attractions. There’s a summer and a winter version, which is nice, because if you suddenly find yourself in an unexpected storm or the days turn cold, there’s plenty of indoor fun at the winter riviera.

Floating accommodations at Pirates Bay, Campsite Terme Catez.

Tee-pee or pirate cabin?

The adventure doesn’t stop when you leave this expansive water park and head back to the campsite. In the Indian village, you can hone your archery skills and learn how to start a campfire in the survival course, and the whole family can spend the night in a real tepee! Would you prefer a captain’s hat to a feathery headdress? Then rent one of the floating cabins in the pirate bay. Of course you can also bring your own camping equipment to Camping Terme Catez.

Relax during a soothing massage.

Relax like the ancient Romans

Near Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia, are thermal baths that have been known for their healing powers since Roman times. And with five outdoor and eight indoor pools, you can experience how these springs take you into a world of relaxation. The complex is packed with massage pools and saunas, so you’ll be hard pressed not to have a relaxing holiday.

Campsite Terme Putj; lots of water fun for kids.

Want to stay safe in the pool? Then take a swimming lesson!

There’s also plenty of watery fun for the kids at the thermal springs. They can zoom down one of the many slides, show off their swimming skills in the wave pool, and relax on the lazy river. There are swimming pools for all ages, and there’s a kiddie pool for the little ones where they can play safely. And if your kids are not the best swimmers yet, they can take swimming lessons at the water park. There’s also a lively entertainment team ready to delight the kids.

There's lots of things to do for kids at Campsite Terme Putj.

All-day fun

As a camper, you won’t want for much at the Terme Ptuj campsite. You can enter the water park twice a day, free of charge, and you have free use of all the spa and recreation amenities. You’ll also find delicious meals and great wines in the restaurants. After all, this is Slovenia’s top wine region. To top it off, the campsite offers gorgeous views of the Ptuj castle!

Here are campsites with thermal baths and water parks in Slovenia:

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