Ten cities with activities that don’t cost a penny!

oktober, 12 2017

There is always so much to do in big cities that you usually have to pick and choose, especially if you have limited time. But most sights usually come at a price. That is why we have some tips for free activities that are worth your while. They make planning a city trip even more tempting! So, it’s up to you to decide which destination it will it be: it could be Denmark, Spain or another beautiful city. And also consider the temperature. You can stay the night at a great campsite nearby!

Denmark’s National Museum (Nationalmuseet)

1. Tour of history in Copenhagen

You can discover Denmark’s history in Denmark’s National Museum (Nationalmuseet). The objects in the museum are certainly worth seeing but the 18th century manor house in which all the pieces are housed is just as beautiful. There is also a children’s museum for the younger guests, where they can discover how cool it is to be a Viking. Address: Vestergade 10.

Update, September 2017: As of the summer access to the museum is no longer free. This is because the state has decided that all museums must apply a compulsory minimum admission price. A ticket for adults currently costs 10 euros while a ticket for one adult and one child costs only 8 euros. This cheaper rate has been introduced to encourage children to visit museums.

Turia Gardens

2. Play with a giant in Valencia

If you are going out and about with your children in this Spanish city then let them climb and clamour at the Gulliver playground, based on the classic book ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by Jonathan Swift. Among other things, you will find an enormous giant in Turia Gardens, level with the street Avenida de Peris i Valero. It is a great place to stop off when walking through this lovely park.

Miradouro da Graça

3. Lisbon with a golden view

A spectacular view is priceless but on one of Lisbon’s seven hills it is free. Go to Miradouro da Graça and, after a hefty climb, you look over the Tagus River where the panorama consists of the famous red roofs and a wonderful castle.

Chiesa di San Carlo and Chieda di Santa Christina.

4. Towers of Turin

On the Piazza San Carlo there are two churches snuggled together: Chiesa di San Carlo and Chieda di Santa Christina. The inside of these Baroque monuments is a feast for the eyes. The great thing is that they are both just that bit different. And after a visit there is always a nice café nearby where the connoisseurs among you can get an Italian cappuccino.

Edinburgh’s garden

5. Edinburgh’s garden

Besides being a touristic attraction, this beautiful garden is also a scientific institute. The gardens were landscaped in 1670 as a place to grow medicinal plants and today, it is a wonderful spot and a joy to behold. You have to pay a contribution to enter some of the greenhouses, but there is still more than enough to see outside, particular in the summer.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

6. Statuesque Oslo

An open-air museum with a collection of over 200 exceptional sculptures: that is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland has made both stone and bronze sculptures here. In a nutshell, this is a visit to the life work of a famous artist.

Balcony in Berlin

7. Balcony in Berlin

The roof terrace and the dome of the parliament building (Reichstag) offer spectacular views over this trendy German city. The glass dome was restored after the fall of the Berlin Wall and is literally and figuratively the city’s highlight. It is very popular among tourists, so you do need to register in advance via www.bundestag.de.


8. Relax with the Madrilenians

Once the private park of the Spanish royal family, Retiro is now the capital city’s largest park and where many locals come on their free days. One hundred and thirty trees have been planted here to commemorate the attacks in Madrid. Stroll along the lovely paths while admiring the wonderfully landscaped gardens or take a break on a grassy field. Tip: hire a rowing boat at the man-made lake.

Margaret Island

9. Green island in the middle of Budapest

Margaret Island is an oasis in the River Danube. A wonderful green spot in the middle of the city if you fancy a nice run. The children’s zoo is also a nice activity to do with your family when you are in Budapest. Furthermore, there is the Musical Fountain which provides a spectacular music show with coloured jets of water roughly every hour. Also, take a walk along the Promenade of Hungarian Artists, where Hungarian writers and musicians are honoured through sculptures.

The exhibition in the War Museum

10. Fighting is in the past in Athens

Just like in many European cities, Athens has seen a lot of fighting. The exhibition in the War Museum shows what it was like during the many conflicts throughout the centuries. The museum in the centre was established in 1975. Besides the used weapons, there is also an impressive depiction of Greek history. From the Stone Age, the wars in the 20th century to the Second World War and the quite recent Balkan Wars.

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