The best climbing parks in Europe

July, 12 2017

A visit to a climbing park is a lot of fun for adventurous families. But you mustn’t be scared of heights for this day trip! Being active in the outdoor air with your children, pushing your boundaries, climbing between the tress and whizzing along thrilling zip lines, you will not easily forget such a spectacular trip to one of Europe’s biggest climbing parks!

We have selected a number of great climbing parks for you and your children.

Snowworld Climbing Park in the Netherlands

The biggest climbing park in Europe can be found in the Netherlands, in the south of Limburg to be precise. Snowworld Climbing Park in Landgraaf has a surface area of about 25,000m² and makes handy use of the natural height differences of the Wilhelminaberg.

The climbing park is suitable for children from six years old. Children from 120 centimetres climb accompanied by an adult. Children from 140 centimetres can climb independently.

In this sensational climbing park, you climb up to the top over a climbing circuit with rope ladders and suspension bridges. Once you get to the top of the big hill, you continue your adventure along the adventure trail that takes you right through the wooded environment. You and your children can conquer all the obstacles on the adventure trail and then ride on the sensational zip lines. This almost 1000 metre-long aerial runway takes you safety back down to the valley at a speed of 50 kilometres per hour. The zip lines are accessible from 160 centimetres.

Real daredevils can take a ride on the Alpine Coaster. This toboggan whizzes through the climbing park all the way to the bottom at a speed reaching 45 kilometres per hour. Feel the adrenaline flow while you whizz through the 360° bend and hang ten metres in the air. You can take the Alpine Coaster with children from three years old when accompanied by an adult. From eight years old, you can go on the toboggan on your own.

Safety is a priority at the climbing park. Before you start climbing you will be equipped with a safety harness and helmet and you will be shown an instruction film. You are constantly secured with a safety system.

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Fun Forest Adventure Park in Germany

Active families with children from 3 years old can enjoy climbing in the Fun Forest Avonture Park Kandel in Germany. This adventure park in the Bienwald, in the vicinity of Karlsruhe, is one of the largest climbing parks in Europe and there are no fewer than 25 different circuits with varying degrees of difficulty.

For the youngest ones from 3 to 6 years, there are two special children’s circuits where the children can safety clamber about. For the remaining circuits, you have to be seven or older. The height of the circuit varies between one and 22 metres.

Before you go climbing, you will be given extensive instructions and climbing gear including a harness and helmet, which are thoroughly checked before use. Take on the adventure on the various suspension bridges, zip lines and climbing walls and enjoy the beautiful views on your way. Adults will have just as much fun as the children.

This climbing park is open from the end of March until early November.

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Parc d’Aventura climbing park in Spain

During a holiday in the Spanish Costa Brava, you should definitely visit the climbing park Parc d’Aventura in Pals. In this adventure park, you can follow six circuits with different levels of difficulty and with over 80 activities you will not get bored!

The little ones from 3 years old have not been forgotten either. They can follow the easy green route that consists of 14 games and a zip line. The older children can take the more difficult routes. The tracks increase in difficulty as they keep going higher up among the tree tops. You follow this circuit climbing, clambering and abseiling through the woods.

Cool teenagers will also enjoy themselves in this park, the most difficult track (the black route) is a real challenge for them. Take on the challenge with the entire family and follow the circuit best suited to your level. Encourage each other and together you will overcome your fears!

The climbing park is in a wonderfully cool location in the shade of high pine trees, which makes a visit to this park pleasurable even on a hot day. Before you start you are given an explanation of the circuit and instructions on how to use the tracks safely. Everyone is constantly doubly secured with well-maintained equipment, so you don’t have to worry that anything will go wrong. Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult.

After a day of climbing and clambering you can recover for this active day at the beach that is only two km away.

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Acro Givry, climbing in France

The The Acro Givry climbing park is hidden among the forests of Givry (France) only 10 minutes from Chalon Sur Saône. Sporting children and their parents can follow over 20 routes that take them high up through the trees. The climbing routes have been constructed in a forest with centuries-old oak trees providing adequate shade.

There is a suitable route for everyone. There are easy routes for the young adventurers from age 3 and very difficult routes for the older adventurers from 16 years.

Climb to the heights together and transport yourself swinging from one tree to the next. Follow the spectacular circuit via climbing walls, rope ladders, air bikes and spider webs. Encourage your children while they dangle on a rope ladder and balance on a chord. You can’t stay behind of course, dare to take a ride on the thrilling aerial cables. Feel just like Tarzan or Jane while you whizz through the air on the impressive zip lines.

You do not have to be concerned about your children’s safety. The smallest clamberers are given a helmet and are always connected to the circuit cables. Before they start the circuit, the older ones are given clear instructions on how to go from one cable to the next. Furthermore, there are always staff around keeping an eye on things and who can help with explanations if required.

All the activities in the fresh air make you hungry. Find a great picnic spot on the ground, where together you can enjoy a lovely picnic.

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