Camping with toddlers

September, 29 2017

Camping with smaller children often requires some extra preparation, but what if you’re going camping with a toddler? Which campsites are really suitable for camping with your toddler, and what do you need to look out for? Find out below.

In this blog, you’ll read more about the advantages of various camping equipment, tips for at the campsite, and more about what makes a campsite suitable for toddlers.

What camping equipment should you bring with you?

There are positives and negatives for virtually all camping equipment. If you’re going camping with a tent, make sure it’s one with a nice big awning. It’s handy to have lots of space to store things, and if it does rain, you can all take shelter under the awning.

We used to go camping with a tent, and we also went with a trailer tent a few times. In the awning of both the tent and the trailer tent, there was plenty of space for a camping picnic table. When it did rain (which thankfully wasn’t that often), we got out the board games or the drawing supplies, and no one minded having to be inside for a bit.

Kamperen met peuters

Camping in a caravan with a toddler

Caravans also have some advantages. You can pack everything into the caravan’s cupboards before you leave home, and everything is within easy reach. You can even bring your own food. In the evening, you can brush your teeth in the caravan, so no need to visit the toilet block; and if anyone needs to use the toilet at night, there’s no need to leave the caravan at all.

Are you planning on bringing a camp bed? Then you can put it up at home a few times, and your child can get used to sleeping in it. That saves having to deal with that particular issue once you’re at the campsite. And of course, you can do a ‘trial camp’ somewhere near home. It’s a way to check if camping is something your toddler will enjoy. If not, you’re close to home and can head back.

Rented accommodation: convenience for the whole family

If you want more space, and don’t want to have to bring beds, tables and cooking appliances with you, you can book a rental. Suncamp’s safari tents and mobile homes are equipped with everything you could possibly need. You can choose a SunLodge tent with bathroom and toilet or a SunLodge tent without toilet facilities.

At the campsite with the entire family

SunLodge mobile homes all have one or more bathrooms. All SunLodges have a covered terrace where your toddler can play in the shade all day long, or even take a nap.

Camping in a Sunlodge is possible at the following campsites

Tips for choosing a campsite suitable for your toddler

  • Check if there is enough shade. If your camping equipment is in the sun for the whole day, it’ll be much more difficult for your toddler to fall asleep, both during the day, and at night.
  • Choose a car-free campsite. Children can play more safely at a car-free campsite.
  • Choose a campsite with a washing machine and/or dryer, so you can spend less time washing.
  • A baby room in the toilet block isn’t just handy for babies. Even with a toddler, a space like that is useful for bath time.
  • Don’t forget to bring bathrobes. Ideal for after your shower. Just dry off a little, pop your bathrobe on, and off you go.
  • Another thing that is really handy is a large bucket. If your toddler needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you don’t need to make a whole expedition to the toilet block.
  • Choose a pitch that’s a little further away from the restaurant. Particularly in Southern Europe, the restaurant can stay busy until late in the evening, and that can disturb your toddler’s sleep.
  • Bring a small paddling pool. Put it next to your tent or caravan, and your toddler can enjoy playing in it. It also helps keep them cool.

What makes a campsite suitable for toddlers?

Of course, it’s nice if there is a playground with a sandpit. A swimming pool also usually goes down well. Choose a campsite with a toddler pool as well as a larger pool. Entertainment teams and mini clubs are great for fun, and children often enjoy playing with each other where they do exist.

Op kampeervakantie met kleine kinderen

Another thing to pay attention to is the size of the campsite. It’s true that larger campsites often have more to see and do, but at smaller campsites, toddlers can easily spend time discovering everything around the tent or caravan, without you having to worry for example that they will be knocked down by teenagers cycling around the campsite.

Choose the right campsite

On the Suncamp holidays website, it’s very easy to filter for facilities that are important to you when choosing a camping holiday. For example, you can choose child friendly campsites (obviously!), but you can also filter for a mini club, playground, toddler pool, and even for a petting zoo. There’s plenty of choice!

We’ve selected a few campsites in France and Italy which are ideal for you and your toddler. Of course, we’d love to hear from you’ve ever stayed at a campsite that was perfect for your toddler!

Camping with toddlers in France

Italian campsites that are suitable for toddlers

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  • When Emily was younger, she went on summer camping holidays with her parents and sister to places like France, Spain and Italy. Her love for camping continues to this day, especially if she can camp close to a beach, somewhere where there is plenty to do to ensure that the holiday is as varied as possible.


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