Camping with children; disco or kids’ club?

March, 8 2018

Camping is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday if you’re taking children with you. You can enjoy the book that lay untouched for months on the bedside table while you sit beside the pool. And the children? They’ll be kept busy by the entertainment team, will quickly make new friends and they’ll be out of sight all day. But what happens if you go camping with young children and teenagers? How do you get to be at a campsite where everyone has what they want?

Let everyone have their say

Decide with the entire family what sort of holiday it’s going to be, and ask each family member what they think is important for each other. In this way you allow the whole family to think about their own needs, but also those of other members of the family. So everyone is involved in choosing a campsite and it will be a holiday for all of you.

Allow teenagers to check out the Facebook pages of the campsites you eventually choose. They will probably want to post a message to see which of their peers will be going to the same campsite at the same time.

Teenagers in their own tent

If you go camping with a large tent or caravan you have plenty of room for the whole family. But teenagers are used to having some privacy, and that includes going on a camping holiday. You should therefore ask the campsite if there is space for a small extra tent on the pitch. That means teenagers can sleep in their own tent or go back to it when they want to.

camping with kids

Give each other some space

As all members of the family have different needs and wishes during the holiday, it’s important to give each other some space. This might mean taking your toddler to the handicraft session each morning while your older son or daughter stays in bed in the tent. And while you’re busy in the afternoon doing your aquarobics, the rest of the family can be ‘dive-bombing’ in the swimming pool. Thankfully you’ll have time to be together again for dinner! But then when the very youngest are tucked up in bed and the older children have gone to the disco, you and your partner finally have some time for each other. That makes it a fantastic holiday for everyone.

Camping or renting?

Although camping with your own equipment remains the favourite, it can save a lot of ‘hassle’ if you rent accommodation. For a start, you’ll need to take less gear with you. In addition, a mobile home offers the convenience of several rooms. You can keep your eyes on the toddler while the teenager benefits from having his own space and privacy.

Large or small campsite?

If you choose a small-scale campsite with plenty of relaxation, that’s perfect for a camping holiday with a baby or toddler. But the chances are that the teenager will be bored because there’s nothing to do. That’s where a large campsite with a spectacular water park and a disco is ideal. So, what should you choose? Go for a happy compromise.

Choose a campsite with an extensive entertainment programme and with plenty of amenities for both younger and older children. In other words, a campsite with a kids’ club and a paddling pool, but also with a disco and a water park. If you’re worried that a campsite with a disco will be too noisy for young children, it might help to read reviews of the actual campsite sent in by other campers. Or ask whether it’s possible to choose your own spot on the campsite, so you can find a camping pitch that is a bit further away from the disco.

camping with kids

A day out

Before booking a campsite, find out what there is to do in the vicinity. Is there a nice adventure park for the toddler, or an adventurous treetop climb for the teenager? The most important thing about a camping holiday is to be with the whole family and take part in fun activities! But if you are a family with younger and older children, it might make sense to split up once in a while. Your partner stays with the toddler and spends a day in the paddling pool, while you take the oldest to the nearby theme park. This way you’ll also have happy memories!

Campsites with disco and kidsclub

The tips above will certainly help all of you to have a fantastic holiday. But the most important thing is; enjoy it! If your family has children with a wide range of ages, we’d like to know how you make sure everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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