Can camping and luxury go together? Of course!

January, 14 2019

Does camping just bring hassle to mind? Don’t love the idea of sleeping on an under-inflated air mattress in a tent that’s too small? Do you think it’s just much better to go to an all-inclusive resort? But do you secretly love the idea of the camping life? Then keep reading. Where people used to choose a holiday at an all-inclusive hotel, these days they often choose a camping holiday instead. Why? Because now there’s glamping! That is – luxurious camping. Below we list some of the many advantages of a luxury camping holiday.

By choosing a luxury camping holiday, you’re really choosing to stay overnight in a comfortable holiday home, while still enjoying the great atmosphere that a camping holiday brings you.

  • Don’t want to sleep on an air mattress? No problem – in a glamping holiday home, you’ll sleep on a real bed. So you’ll sleep just as well as you do at home. Perhaps better, seeing as you’ll be spending the night surrounded by nature.
  • Don’t want to wander across the campsite carrying your shower gel? A luxury holiday home (often) has its own bathroom with a toilet and shower.
  • Don’t feel like washing up? Some holiday homes even have a dishwasher!
  • Want to feel at home as soon as you arrive on holiday? Your holiday home will be fully furnished, with a living room, dining area, various bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It’s just like a house. You can just put your suitcases down and start your holiday.
  • Want to spend time outside too? Of course you can! Many luxury holiday homes have a large covered terrace. Wonderful!

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At Suncamp, we’re fans of camping with more comfort. That’s why we developed our own holiday homes, the SunLodges. These are glamping tents and mobile homes where you can spend the night with the whole family. And they have everything you’ll need! The RoyalLodge in France is the jewel in the crown.

That’s because the RoyalLodge is totally unique. It’s a fully furnished designer tent, located in an enchanting spot. You won’t want to leave! This will give you some idea:

Luxury campsites

Is camping in a tent or caravan fine, but do you want to have great facilities nearby? Then go camping at a luxury campsite. These campsites are well-cared for, offer multiple restaurants, a great leisure pool, an extensive entertainment programme, and some even offer spa facilities. They’re almost luxury resorts! Here are a few possibilities:

  • Auteur: Lucia Velthuis
  • Lucia is a real lover of camping, but sometimes she chooses extra luxury and then she enjoys a holiday in a luxurious glamping tent! Nowadays she can call herself a Glamping expert. Lucia likes to inspire people with new ideas and tips for a successful camping or glamping holiday.


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