What should you take with you on your glamping trip?

February, 19 2019

It’s finally here! You have booked a glamping holiday. Of course it’s going to be super fun, but then you start to wonder, ‘What should I take with me on a glamping holiday?’ Don’t panic, I’m here to help.

Start by taking a look at your booking. For many accommodations, you can just choose to reserve the bed linens (there may be a charge). That will save you a lot of time and energy lugging your sheets around with you. You can also often pre-book highchairs and cots, so you can leave those at home, too. So, take another look at your reservation see at what you really booked. Which boxes did you tick? You can go ahead and cross those things off your holiday packing list.

What will I find in my glamping accommodation?

Most glamping accommodations are equipped with a complete kitchen inventory. So you don’t have to bring plates, cutlery, pans and cups. There are also several household items available. With a bit of luck, your booking information will come with an inventory list, so you can see for yourself what’s already there. For specific questions, you can always call customer service and they can help. If they don’t know, they’ll contact the campsite. Besides that, I would make sure to have a kind of ’emergency kit’ that includes things like:

  • Two spare rolls of toilet paper
  • Dishcloth
  • Tea towel
  • Bottle of detergent (can also be a small self-filled bottle) or a few dishwasher tablets
  • Dish sponge
  • Extra waste bag
  • Sharp knife

Camping checklist vs. Glamping packing list

Of course, there’s always the risk that you’ll take too much with you, even though it’s not necessary when you go glamping. Chances are that when you book a glamping holiday, your accommodation will be on a campsite with an on-site shop or there will be a shop nearby where you can buy whatever you forgot.

Where does the checklist really differ from camping with your own camping equipment? It’s mainly in what you can leave at home instead of what you need to pack. You can leave all the things you normally need when setting up your tent, but you can also leave your air mattresses and camping chairs at home. That’s great, of course, because it means you can pack other things or leave plenty of space for nice souvenirs or some bottles of good wine to bring home.

Check, check, dubbel checklist

If you are still not completely sure and want to take a look at some extra packing lists or tips, then check Bram’s holiday checklist before you leave, and don’t forget these holiday items. If you want a truly extensive list, you can also take a look at this handy holiday checklist.

And this might go without saying, but keep in mind that you will, of course, be camping. You’re going to a campsite, so think practically!

  • Auteur: Emily
  • When Emily was younger, she went on summer camping holidays with her parents and sister to places like France, Spain and Italy. Her love for camping continues to this day, especially if she can camp close to a beach, somewhere where there is plenty to do to ensure that the holiday is as varied as possible.


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