Best wishes from Eline: my glamping adventure in the low season

October, 12 2018

What made me choose to go on holiday in September? It’s the feeling of knowing that you’re still ‘owed’ a holiday! Everyone I know has already been on holiday and has great stories to tell, but they’ve returned and normal life has resumed. When I told people back in the spring that I was going away in September, I heard things like, ‘So long to wait?! I’m going soon.’ And then in September when I told people that I was about to go they said, ‘Oh, how wonderful. I’d love to go too.’

At the start of this year, my boyfriend and I started to look around for the perfect holiday. It was then that we decided to go on holiday in a SunLodge at Cavallino campsite in Italy, close to Venice. Getting there wasn’t too difficult, in our own car so that we could take with us whatever we wanted. For us though, the holiday starts well before we actually get there, with all the preparations, packing and, of course, the journey there.

Never a dull journey …

Anything can happen on the journey there. For me, there’s an awful lot of anticipation about the weather and what the campsite itself will be like. I constantly monitor the weather forecasts, and on this occasion, they put my mind at rest. Everything was going great until we got a small crack in the windscreen, with no tape to fix it with. Luckily, we were able to improvise with the closing tab from a pack of ham and we were on our way. The route down to Italy was so much nicer in the car than if we’d flown there. You see so much more and as you get closer to your destination, you feel the temperature going up and up.


Can I stay here for a fortnight?

When you arrive, it takes a little while to get used to things. I’m always afraid that I’ve forgotten something or that the campsite didn’t receive the reservation, but everything was fine. After a long journey, a bite to eat and a drink is always welcome, and why not on the campsite itself? We enjoyed a little Italian cuisine and Italian sunshine at the same time and raised a glass to the start of our holiday.

Beach at Camping Village Cavallino

The SunLodge Aspen inside and out

The first thing I like to do on holiday is explore a little to find out what’s there and where everything is. I prefer to unpack everything quickly and then get out there. But everything in good time! In the meantime, I’m already planning the entire holiday, after all, two weeks go by so quickly. With everything already planned, we could go without the internet, away from all the news and other things around you, just enjoyment. The SunLodge was in the shade almost all day long, so it was perfect for a break with a game and a refreshing drink after a day in the sun.

SunLodge accommodation

A perfect choice for the low season

The campsite was busy enough, but it was, after all, the low season and many Italians themselves had chosen to stay on the site. I’d walk to the bakery every morning in peace for fresh bread, with the smells wafting out into the open. But, once inside, how could I explain what it was that I wanted? Hand signals were usually sufficient. I’d sneakily pop down to the beach to greet the morning sun which felt wonderful, and I was almost by myself. When I’d return to the beach in the afternoons, I was always amazed at how few people there were, and the temperature was still 30 degrees. With my towel down on the sand, I could enjoy the sun and if it got too warm, no problem! In front of me, the beautiful waters of the sea for a refreshing dip.


Cooking? No way!

When dusk falls, I love nothing more than to stand in the evening sun on the beach, either with someone else or alone, it doesn’t matter. Although, with someone else, it’s is certainly more romantic. I was Italy, so it was all about sampling the Italian cuisine and not messing around with my own cooking skills! We visited a different restaurant every evening and after studying the menu, ordered another tasty pasta or pizza. Before you know it, your food is in front of you and then you remember why you chose not to cook on holiday. I enjoy the evening breeze and, sadly, another day has passed.

Italian pizza

Get everything out of it that you can

I did and visited as much as I could, including the island of Burano. The island is brimming with coloured houses and washing lines in between. Picturesque streets on the water with terraces and restaurants, it’s well worth a visit and so nice to see all of those colours. I visited Venice many years ago, but I was eager to visit again, this time with my boyfriend. It was obvious that high season was behind us, and we could enjoy the city in relative peace. I also visited towns such as Caorle, Jesolo and Treviso which, although smaller, had a great atmosphere and warm feeling to them.

The best thing about a holiday is exploring by yourself. And the SunLodge Aspen proved the perfect accommodation! Great camping, but with a little more luxury.

Eline van de Pol
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