The most popular diving destinations in Europe

June, 9 2022

When it comes to famous diving spots, many people often think of the Great Barrier Reef or faraway places such as Egypt and Costa Rica. But if you don’t want to travel that far, you don’t have to go to a tropical destination to go diving. From mysterious wrecks and thrilling caves to sharks and coral reefs, Europe has plenty to offer divers of all ages! In this blog, I will tell you about the most popular diving destinations in Europe.

The Adriatic Sea – Europe’s diving hotspot

With approximately 1,800 kilometres of coastline, the Croatian Adriatic Coast is a popular destination for holiday lovers. Together with the Croatian islands of Krk, Cres and Vres it has long been one of Europe’s diving hotspots. The clear, warm water of the Adriatic Sea and the many fish, seahorses and coral reefs make this the ideal place for an unforgettable dive! Everyone can dive here, from beginners to experienced divers.

Diving destinations in Europe

Discover the colourful underwater world of the Adriatic Sea.

Considering there are also great diving spots in shallow water, the Adriatic Sea is also a great place for families with children and novice divers. There are many great campsites along the coast, and some even offer diving courses and guided dives! That’s perfect if you want to go diving again for the first time in a while or if you don’t have a diving certificate. Then no one has to miss any of Croatia’s colourful underwater world.

Campsites by the Adriatic Sea where you can learn to dive

Molnar Janos Cave – Diving under the streets of Budapest

One of the most popular holiday regions in Hungary is Lake Balaton. It is the location of expansive sandy beaches and volcanic hills. Have a relaxing family holiday there in your own caravan or in lovely accommodation, or for example at the campsites Camping & Bungalows Füred or Camping Napfény. From there, it is a one and a half to two hours’ drive to the Hungarian capital. And where you will find a hidden gem for diving fans: the Molnár Jánoscave system.

Diving under the streets of Budapest.

A unique experience: diving under the streets of Budapest.

This unique diving spot is a water source for the city’s world-famous baths. Dive in the thermal water, which is about 24 degrees, follow the diving routes of various levels of difficulty and explore the world under the streets of Budapest. How cool is that?

Secca del Papa – One of the most famous diving routes in the world

Sardinia is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Besides the Mediterranean cuisine, the unique landscape and the stone ruins from the Bronze Age, you can also go on one of the most famous diving routes in the world: the ‘Secca del Papa‘.

Diving near Sardinië

Crystal clear water and groupers on Sardinia, that’s how fun diving can be!

At a depth of 45 metres, you can admire Sardinia’s unique flora and fauna and dive through countless caves. And that is not all: on the east coast near Orosei, experienced divers can explore the wreck of the German marine’s ‘KT 12’.

You can easily book your accommodation via Suncamp for a stress-free diving and camping holiday on the island!

Austria – A dive in a mountain lake

When compiling a list of Europe’s most popular diving destinations, we must not forget Austria! Enjoy the stunning Alpine panorama during a dive in one of the numerous saltwater lakes in the Alps. There are plenty of options for divers of all levels, for example the lakes Fernstein and Samaranger in Tyrol, the Grüblsee in Styria or the Weißensee in Carinthia.

Tip: the temperature of the mountain lakes is a maximum of 10 degrees, even in the summer. So make sure you have the right equipment for your saltwater dive!

Diving in the mountain lake.

The surrounding Alpine panorama is reflected in the clear water of the mountain lake.

Germany – Diving in a mine

Cave divers can find another exceptional highlight in the municipality of Bestwig in the Sauerland. There, you have the rare opportunity to dive in a mine (website in German). Explore the network of mine shafts, abandoned mining machines and rock formations that are reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. You can spend the night in one of the comfortable static caravans at Campingpark Hennesee, for example.

South of France – Plane wrecks and the birthplace of scuba diving

In the 1940s, Jacques Cousteau invented the first breathing apparatus for divers and thereby paved the way for recreational diving. Even today, the South of France is considered as a paradise for divers of all ages and levels of experience. Not only can you enjoy the colourful underwater world there, but you can also see the countless wrecks on the seabed. By the Hyères archipelago, besides shipwrecks and a submarine, a plane wreck awaits exploration by experienced divers.

One of the many wrecks near the Côte d’Azur.

One of the many wrecks near the Côte d’Azur.

Campsites by the sea in the south of France:

More beautiful places to go diving in Europe

Have you ever been diving in Europe and can you recommend any diving spots? Tell us in the responses 🙂

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