The best water parks in Slovenia

January, 23 2019

Keen swimmers, gather here! Get your swimsuits on, because we’re about to take a dive into some of the best leisure pools in Slovenia. And things may get a little crazy! Some of the campsites here have leisure pools that are more like water theme parks. I’ve selected the best ones for you, and even checked out who they are best suited to. So, take a deep breath, here we go …

You might not expect it, but Slovenia is one of most watery countries in Europe – mostly thanks to the rivers, the hundreds of lakes and around eighty thermal springs. The spas in Slovenia (terme) are plentiful, but they might not be what you think of when you think of a spa. That’s because in Slovenia, they’re complete resorts for the whole family.

1. The ultimate water theme park at Terme Čatež campsite

Terme Čatež campsite is one such resort in the east of Slovenia. From here, you can take day trips to the Croatian capital of Zagreb, or to hip Ljubljana, or the Postojna caves, but you could also have weeks worth of fun in the impressive leisure pool.

The pirate island at Terme Čatež campsite

Here’s a little summary of what this leisure pool has to offer… Outdoor swimming pools, heated (indoor) swimming pools, rapids, wave pools, whirlpools, fountains, spectacular slides, a play river, toddler pools and a separate children’s paradise in the form of a pirate island. They’ve really thought of everything here, and with more than 10,000 m2 of swimming fun, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself here. And I’ve not even mentioned the sauna, beauty salon and spa, with no less than eight different saunas.

The most striking thing is all of the different slides around the various pools. There are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and some are only for the real daredevils. How do you feel about a ten-metre high slide, or a slide that’s 87 metres long, or a slide with a huge 40-degree steep slope?

My rating:
Adults: ****
Older kids: ***
Younger kids: *****

2. Adrenaline shot at Terme 3000 campsite

Were the slides in the previous park not quite spectacular enough? If you’re a real adrenaline junkey, you need to go to Terme 3000 campsite in the north east of Slovenia. The 22 metre high tower is the starting point for some truly impressive water slides. The highlight of the park is the Aqualoop, a slide with a 360-degree loop on which you can reach speeds up to 80 km/h!

The leisure pool at Terme 3000 Campsite Moravske Toplice Spa at sunset

With all this craziness on the slides you’d almost forget that the park is actually really child-friendly, and you can also relax in the lovely warm water. There are no fewer than 22 different swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, with a separate area for the youngest children. Immerse yourself in one of the rapids, unwind in the jacuzzis or enjoy the healing water in one of the thermal baths. Once you’ve almost grown fins from all the hours in the water, you can dry off on one of the many sunbeds around the pool.

My rating:
Adults: *****
Older kids: *****
Younger kids: ***

3. Olympic swimming at Terme Ptuj campsite

A leisure pool that will exceed your wildest expectations – you’ll find it next to Terme Ptuj Campsite. Located on the outskirts of the oldest city in Slovenia, you’ll find five outdoor swimming pools, eight indoor swimming pools (in the spa complex), an Olympic-sized swimming pool for the sporty swimmers, a wave pool, a kid’s pool, two bubble baths and of course several enormous water slides in the Funpark.

Grab a raft and try the Tajfun, or put your fear to one side and feel the adrenaline rush through your body after a ‘free fall’ of over seven metres. There’s a slide for every daredevil here. Even for the littlest water enthusiasts, because there’s a separate children’s pool which also has a couple of fun slides to try together with your little one.

Terme Ptuj campsite has a great water park, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool

My rating:
Adults: ****
Older kids: ***
Younger kids: ****

4. Fairytale atmosphere around Bled Campsite

Does Bled Campsite have a water park like the ones I’ve described above? No. So why have I included it in this list? Because of the famous Lake Bled. All over Slovenia, these kinds of lakes function as massive (outdoor) leisure pools. Of course the water is a little cooler than in the water parks, and you won’t find water slides here. But the wonderful feeling of swimming surrounded by nature, and the stunning views of the Julian Alps more than make up for that.

A stunning view over Lake Bled, and a famous church in the middle

At Bled Campsite you’ll wake up every morning at the edge of the fairytale lake, and there’s a beach right next to the campsite too. And it’s not just swimming that you can do in Lake Bled – you can also go rowing, kayaking or fishing. Or hire a boat and head to the famous church of Bled, located on an island in the middle of the lake. Of course if you really love swimming, you can also swim there!

Need a day away from the water? Then this is also a great place to stay. The area surrounding Lake Bled is ideal for a hike through the hills, or a challenging mountain bike ride or a picnic in the hills.

My rating:
Adults: *****
Older kids: ***
Younger kids: ***

Have you been to on a camping holiday in Slovenia before? And if so, did you visit any of these leisure pools? Or have you been to a different water park that I’ve not mentioned here? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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