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Campsites in Northern Spain

The amazing coastline, rugged mountain regions near the border with France (Pyrenees) and the green hinterland full of forested hills make Northern Spain a true countryside oasis. In the flatter regions, you can cycle and walk to your heart’s content. If you would like to completely relax on your holiday, then experience the ultimate peace and quiet of the many charming villages. Or allow yourself to get carried away in one of the wonderful cities such as Bilbao, Zaragoza and Barcelona. You will want for nothing at the campsites in popular areas such as Cantabria and Catalonia. Whatever you are looking for, a holiday in Northern Spain is always a good idea!

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Varied regions

Northern Spain consist of seven regions: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country, Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia. Each has its own character and a different landscape. Galicia is an area with many historic cities (such as Santiago de Compostela). On the coastline, you will find steep cliffs, long sandy beaches and wonderful hidden bays.

In contrast, Cantabria is known for its prehistoric caves and the port of Santander. And if you mention Catalonia, Barcelona of course springs to mind. This internationally-oriented city is probably ‘less Spanish’ than other cities but still an amazing holiday destination for young and old.

The Pyrenees

The Spanish Pyrenees, on the border with France, run from east to west through the regions of Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia. The wide variety of landscapes make this mountain chain so intriguing. Here steep mountain tops alternate with green slopes, enormous forests and wonderful valleys and ravines. The national parks have a beautiful variety of flora and fauna. Holidaymakers travelling by car to Northern Spain will probably cross the Pyrenees. And winter sports fans will most likely want to stop off in this mountain region.

The campsites

Campsites in Northern Spain are often aimed at the entire family. Both young and old have been considered at the large holiday parks. Young children can expect great entertainment every day or can play in the swimming pool or on the playing fields. Teenagers will enjoy the sports fields (tennis, football, beach volleyball, table tennis) or the disco in the evenings. In order to accommodate every type of camper, you can take your tent, caravan or motorhome to many campsites in Northern Spain. But there is also the option of staying in a mobile home, apartment or SunLodge.

The weather

Just like in the rest of Spain, the north can get very hot in the summer. Fortunately, there is usually a pleasant breeze in the coastal areas. The moderate sea climate in Northern Spain also means it can rain on occasions. This can also provide the necessary refreshment. If you are planning on having an active holiday, you are recommended to go on holiday in the spring or autumn.

Charming cities in Northern Spain

Beside the many picturesque villages where you can encounter the ‘real Spain’, there are also enough large cities in Northern Spain where you can undoubtedly enjoy yourself for days on end. Here are three of the highlights.

  • Bilbao
    This city, located on the Bay of Biscay, is of course known for the world-famous Guggenheim. This museum is well worth visiting, not only for the rich variety of art but the museum building itself is also a genuine work of art. The city is also a great place to visit. The very best food and most delicious wines are served in the many charming bars and restaurants. Tip: The Mercado de la Ribera is an enormous covered fresh market where you can get acquainted with the best Spanish products through all the smells and colours.
  • Zaragoza
    Zaragoza is not a city that instantly springs to every holidaymakers’ mind. And yet, there are plenty of reasons to visit the fifth largest city in Spain, located in the Aragon region. Beautiful monumental buildings alternate with lovely shops and good restaurants. Visit the many cathedrals, the old city centre or an interesting museum, such as the Museo del Teatro de Cesaugusta.
  • Barcelona
    The proud capital city of the Catalonia region is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. And with good reason!! Everything is beautiful in this city adorned by Gaudi. The Sagrada Família, Park Güell and La Rambla shopping boulevard are only a few of the many highlights. Additional advantage: its location by the sea also makes it a paradise for sun, sea and beach lovers.

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