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Campsite Atlantic Coast France

Campsites on the French Atlantic Coast are ideal for sun-worshippers. You’ll unwind completely on the beaches that stretch out along this lovely ocean coast. Taking a camping holiday on the Atlantic Coast is simply fantastic thanks to the French sun. When you’ve had enough sunbathing for a bit, it’s time to delve into one of the many culture-laden coastal resorts near your campsite. The good life awaits on the French Atlantic Coast!

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Campsites Atlantic coast: soaking up sand and sea

Camping on the Atlantic coast of France is all about enjoying the long, broad, sandy beaches. From Aquitaine in the south to Brittany in the north, the whole of France’s west coast is superb family holiday terrain: while your children play in the sand, you can relax in the sun, sitting back with a fine local wine and some quality French cheese.

It’s not just swimming you can do in the sea here: in many spots, you can also try your hand at waterskiing, sailing or surfing. One of the most famous of all French resorts is in the south-western corner of the country: Biarritz. Campsites around there are a perfect choice for the ultimate surfing holiday: Biarritz has some of the best surf in Europe, coming in strong off the Bay of Biscay!

Inland, too, there’s plenty of variety and it’s well worth heading that way if you’re coming camping on the French Atlantic Coast. Landscapes you’ll discover in the interior will be anything from rolling hills or rocky terrain to plains and meadows. Why not enjoy a superb cycling trip through the verdant Loire Valley or the Vendée?

Lovely cities within reach of your campsite: La Rochelle, Bordeaux, Nantes

Based at a campsite on the French Atlantic Coast, you’ll be within striking distance of a great many nice places where you can sample the culture, have a day’s retail therapy or pass the evening in gourmet style at a cosy restaurant. Be sure to visit:

  • La Rochelle
    This port is connected with the Île de Ré by a 2.9-kilometre bridge, opened in 1998. This island is a cyclist’s dream and full of history. Over on the mainland, La Rochelle boasts an attractive old town with 18th-century buildings such as the Palais de Justice.
  • Bordeaux
    Bordeaux has plenty of beautiful buildings, among the finest of which is the Grand Théâtre. It goes without saying that Bordeaux, to most people, is synonymous with wine production. Bordeaux (or Claret) wines are ever popular in French cuisine, so you oughtn’t miss out on going for dinner in the city!
  • Nantes
    Nantes, regional capital of Pays de la Loire, has been a key port for centuries. Intriguing highlights include the Maison des Compagnons du Devoir (the headquarters of a French craftsmen’s and artists’ professional guild), whose pyramidal tower culminates in twists, and the city’s outstanding cathedral, Saint-Pierre.

Accommodation & Entertainment

When going on holiday on the French Atlantic coast, you have not only the choice of staying in your own tent but also renting some excellent accommodation. The bungalows, chalets and mobile homes on campsites here are often let fully furnished, sparing you from having to jam the car full of stuff.

There’s no shortage of children’s activities at French campsites along the Atlantic Coast: typically, you’ll find an entertainment team and swimming pool to cater for them. A holiday on the Atlantic Coast of France will be a carefree one for all ages!

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