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Important information

Advanced booking

It's almost certain that you'll want to make a provisional (advance) booking for next year. You can take an option on a camping pitch or accommodation. Until we are sure that your chosen camp site will be on offer next year, we will hold your advance booking without charges or conditions. Only then will your provisional booking become definitive.

Keep in mind… pre-bookings are dealt with in order of arrival. When there are more pre-bookings than available places, in some cases, it is possible that a pre-booking will not be converted into a definite booking.

Allocation of camping pitches and/or accommodation

Camping pitches and accommodation are rented in accordance with the agreements made between Suncamp holidays and the camp sites. Allocation is in the hands of the camp site and not of Suncamp holidays. This said, any advance requests from clients will be taken seriously and passed on to the camp site. Sometimes it will be possible to choose your specific pitch or accommodation yourself on the spot. However, this does not mean that a reservation has been made.

Amendments to your holiday

Once your holiday has been confirmed, changes may be made under certain conditions. This is possible until up to 42 days before departure. In every case it will need to be decided whether the change is an amendment or a cancellation. In accordance with the Booking Conditions a charge of and £ 20,00 will be made for each amendment. When changing the campsite, travel dates or travel sum, the cancellation conditions apply in the first instance.


Each camp site has a description of the amenities they offer. These amenities are based on camping pitches. Many of these amenities are on the site itself. In some cases amenities are not on, but in the immediate vicinity (max. 250 metres) of the camp site. When a description such as ‘swimming in the sea possible’ or ‘public transport stops at the site’ is given, this means within a maximum distance of 500 metres. Amenities accompanied by a coin icon are not included in the nightly rate and must be paid for separately. This means that amenities not accompanied by a coin icon are free of charge.

In some cases the facilities, such as the restaurant, the shop or the swimming pool, are rented out to third parties, which means neither Suncamp, nor the owner of the accommodation concerned can exert compelling influence.

Amenities are checked annually during the period May to September. It is therefore possible that there have been changes. Please take into consideration that not all amenities are available in the spring and autumn low seasons.

Are young people travelling alone accepted at the camp sites?

Most camp sites on this website are family camp sites and for this reason young people travelling on their own are usually not accepted. To avoid problems on arrival at the camp site we advise you to contact our bookings department before you make your definite booking.

Arrival and departure times

The voucher which you will receive with your travel documents indicates the time you may arrive, and the time you must leave the camp site. Check out is usually between 8 am and 10 am. Have you booked accommodation? If so, we draw your attention to the fact that your accommodation will be made ready for you after the previous guests have left (for example cleaning and checking). We therefore advise guests with reserved accommodation to check-in between 16:00 and 19:00 to avoid having to wait. Please take into account that some camp sites observe an afternoon resting period (often between 1 pm and 3 pm). You cannot check in or out at this time. Will you be arriving after 19:00? If so you must let the camp site know in plenty of time. The camp site’s phone number is mentioned on the voucher. We cannot give refunds if you arrive one or more days late, or leave earlier than expected.

At more and more camp sites Suncamp holidays is placing its own mobile homes and tents. There is often a courier (caretaker couple) at these camp sites who make sure you will have an unforgettable time. You can usually check in and out with the courier couple.


Barbecues are allowed on many camp sites. Where it is stated that a barbecue is supplied, it may not actually be in your accommodation. Frequently centrally placed barbecues are provided and these are shared by other guests. This is particularly common on sites with a high fire risk.


Beaches In many countries, and especially in Italy, sections of beach are privately owned and consequently not free. Naturallyprivate beaches belonging to a camp site are free for guests. Charges are often made for sun loungers and parasols. Public beaches are nearly always free.

Bed linen, blankets and pillows

Blankets and pillows are provided in most rental accommodation. You should bring your own bed linen. On some camp sites bed linen can be hired. This information is shown on your voucher. At some camp sites disposable bed linen can be provided.

Booking a holiday by a minor

According to the Civil Code of The Netherlands, a minor (that being a person under 18 years of age), provided he/she acts with the consent of his/her legal guardians, is legally instrumental insofar as (Dutch) law does not specify otherwise. To avoid problems, a minor is therefore obliged when acting as lead booker, to provide Suncamp holidays with a written confirmation from the parent/guardian.

Bookings on demand

When the accommodation or camping pitch of your choice is no longer available, Suncamp can often still supply this after contacting the camp site. Suncamp will then purchase more stock. Dealing with the camp site takes about two to four working days. If your request is fulfilled, the reservation becomes definite. As soon as we have heard back from the camp site, you will be informed directly if the booking is definite or not.

Border formalities

A valid passport is required for all countries featured on this website. If you have a non-EU passport you are advised to check whether or not a visa is required.

Building work/garbage collection

Camp sites are changing. Bigger swimming pools, better facilties, a greater choice of shops and restaurants. Camp site owners always try to arrange repairs, refurbishment and other improvements out of season. Unfortunately this is not always possible, and you might occasionally experience building work. Suncamp holidays cannot be held responsible for any building work. In order to prevent nuisance at the camp site during the busiest hours, garbage is often collected in the morning. This, however, may result in some noise.

Camping Rules

Each campsite has its own rules and regulations which all residents must abide by during their stay. The rules and regulations are controlled by the campsite themselves and as such Suncamp holidays can not be hold responsible for them.

Cancellation rights

Suncamp holidays would like to inform you that any reservations you make are legally binding. A cancellation right (the so-called cool down period) of 14 days is not applicable to services concerning travel arrangements such as those supplied by Suncamp holidays.

Cancelling your holiday

Cancellation policy SunLodge

SunLodge is our own luxurious glamping accommodation. If you cancel your SunLodge booking with Suncamp yourself, we will apply the following cancellation charges, depending on how far in advance you cancel. These charges will be increased with any reservation charges owing and any insurance policies taken out.

View our cancellation policy for season 2022 here:

Cancellation charges 2022

Time of cancellation Cancellation costs
before 03-01-2022 free (excl. applicable insurance premiums)
up to the 42nd calendar day before the departure date the deposit
Cancellation from the 42nd calendar day to the 28th calendar day before the departure date 25% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 28th calendar day to the 14th calendar day before the departure date 50% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 14th calendar day to the 7th calendar day before the departure date 75% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 7th calendar day to the day of departure 90% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation on the day of departure or late the full cost of the holiday

Cancellation conditions Suncamp

Do you want to cancel your booking with Suncamp? Then depending on how far in advance you cancel, we will charge you the following cancellation costs. These cancellation costs will be increased with the reservation costs due and any insurance taken out. Different cancellation conditions may apply to some accommodations. These conditions can be found in the accommodation specifications.

New from Suncamp: cancellation conditions for each type of accommodation. We offer the most favourable cancellation conditions for each type of accommodation. These conditions are shown at the campsite’s accommodation under ‘cancellation conditions’. If no conditions are shown, our standard conditions below will apply.

View our cancellation policy for season 2022 here:

Cancellation charges 2022

Time of cancellation Cancellation costs
before 01-03-2022 free (excl. applicable insurance premiums)
up to the 42nd calendar day before the departure date the deposit
Cancellation from the 42nd calendar day to the 28th calendar day before the departure date 35% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 28th calendar day to the 21st calendar day before the departure date 40% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 21st calendar day to the 14th calendar day before the departure date 50% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 14th calendar day to the 5th calendar day before the departure date 75% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation from the 5th calendar day to the day of departure 90% of the cost of the holiday
Cancellation on the day of departure or late the full cost of the holiday

Cancellations will only be processed by us on weekdays (Mon-Fri) between 08:30 and 17:00, and on Saturdays between 09:00 and 16:30. The time and day of cancellation is binding. When a cancellation is made after working hours, the cancellation will take effect from the next working day. Booking conditions are subject to change.


Free changes are possible up to 2 months before arrival. This does not apply to destinations in the Netherlands . The holidaymaker can still make changes after a confirmed reservation has been made. These can be made up to 42 days before arrival. For each request, it will be decided whether this counts as a change or a cancellation. In line with the Travel Conditions, changes are charged at €27. If the change is made 2 months prior to arrival, this will be free. The cancellation conditions apply initially to a change of campsite, travel dates or the cost of the holiday.

Cleaning costs

In many cases you are required to thoroughly clean your accommodation at the end of your stay. It is also possible that final cleaning is done for you and that the cost is included in your rental. Where final cleaning is not included and must be paid locally, this is clearly shown on your voucher. Please bear in mind that where you are not responsible for final cleaning yMarou should still leave the accommodation neat and tidy. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your accommodation at arrival, please inform the reception. In many cases they will check your accommodation again.


If – despite your flexible attitude - there should be matters that are not in order, we advise you to discuss these matters in a businesslike and correct manner with the camp site and to look for a solution together. However, also keep in mind that a holiday should be relaxing. Should you be unsatisfied with the manner the matters were dealt with, please contact Suncamp holidays before you take decisive steps. For further settlement (obligatory as per the Dutch ANVR Travel Terms) it is very important that we are informed about your problems. With your travel documents you will receive information about how to proceed if matters cannot be solved in a satisfactory manner.

Conditions of payment

Bookings made after 15 September 2021
If you book your holiday after 15 September 2021, you pay for your holiday in the following instalments:

  • Instalment 1: a deposit of 10% (excluding reservation fees, optional insurance and contribution to the SGR Guarantee Fund). The deposit must be paid no later than two weeks after receipt of the invoice.
  • 2nd instalment: The balance must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival date.

The booking conditions are subject to change.

When paying by credit card, the amount will be debited immediately.


Distances Many camp sites and location descriptions give distances and directions (e.g. ‘close to’). In all cases there is an accessible route. This can vary from a sandy pathway to an asphalted road. These descriptions do not take into account access for cars, street lighting or height differences.


A power failure is uncommon. But should it happen the cause is almost always from outside the camp site. Because the power sockets in many southern countries are different from northern countries, we advise you to bring a Euro plug.

Energy costs

Renting accommodation? In this case gas water and electricity are nearly always included in the rental. When this is not so it is clearly shown in the price table or on your voucher, for example, in the winter months. Are you just renting a camping pitch? If so you can usually connect to the water and electricity supplies. The price table shows the possibilities and the rates.

Entertainment programme

Entertainment programmes are organized on many camp sites. For example: discos, cabaret, bingo, jeu de boules, sport, films etc. Many of these activities depend on the interest shown by the camp guests and this decision is made by the camp site staff. Entertainment is usually offered only in the high season and in the language spoken in the specific country.
On Suncamp holidays camping pitches : taking pets on holiday is often no problem for clients who reserve a camping pitch through us. Equally, if no rate for pets is indicated, they are not allowed.


Rented accommodation is generally fully equipped. Bear in mind that the equipment provided reflects local customs and way of life. You would be well advised to bring with you anything you can't live without, and which may not be locally available.
If you are really not satisfied, contact Suncamp holidays before things get out of hand. We can only take action to support you if we are fully informed of your problem.

Information on this website

Producing a website is a complex operation that requires a huge amount of preparation. There's always a chance that things will change, and Suncamp holidays will always endeavour to keep you informed of these changes. It may occasionally happen that Suncamp holidays has not been informed (on time) of any changes. For this reason Suncamp holidays cannot be held responsible for these changes. We do, however, encourage you to check our newsletter regularly for up-to-date information on any changes. Photographs are a good source of information on this website. They give you a good impression of what you can expect. It can happen that what you see on a photo is not exactly what your accommodation will look like, especially when there are many different versions in the same category. Unfortunately, we can't always anticipate this.


It is possible that you will experience hindrance from insects (ants and mosquitoes, among others), especially in surroundings with many trees and/ or water. We therefore advise guests to store food in closed containers, and to keep windows and doors properly shut. Usually good products can be bought in local supermarkets to keep the hindrance to a minimum.


Suncamp holidays is not liable for loss or theft (including of money), damage to property and harm or injury to its clients, through whichever cause. The landlord/ caretaker of the holiday accommodation is free to hand to the tenant and/or their fellow traveller regulations about the use of the accommodation and everything that goes along with it. During your stay you are liable for damage done to the holiday accommodation, the furnishings and all other objects belonging to the rented object which resulted from actions done by you and/ or your fellow traveller.

Lost property

It's always annoying when you get back from your holiday and realise you’ve left something behind. We understand that you’d like to get your property back. To do so, you can contact our Customer Services, who’ll check with the campsite whether it’s been found.

If your property has been found, we can send it to you at your request. The handling and dispatch fees for this are €15 as standard, unless the actual costs are demonstrably much higher. You can pay these fees through My Suncamp.

Note: we can only offer this service if you’ve stayed in a SunLodge. Suncamp holidays accepts no liability for the dispatch process, and will send the property within three days after payment has been received.

Noise nuisance

Are peace, quiet and relaxation important elements of your holiday? Is avoiding noise important to you? Then these tips may come in useful.

  • Choose accommodation or a pitch that is a distance away from the campsite’s swimming pool, entertainment area, disco and restaurant. Many campsites and holiday parks arrange sporting and other activities around these areas, both throughout the day and in the evenings.
  • When choosing a campsite, consider its size and its location. Choose a campsite with plenty of distance between it and the centre and/or the entertainment centre at the destination.
  • Are your fellow holidaymakers or visitors to nearby entertainment facilities noisy? See if you can mention this to the campsite staff, but please keep in mind that Suncamp holidays and the campsite itself have limited influence over this. It’s also worth remembering that noise nuisance standards in southern European countries are generally more relaxed than in northern Europe. Some bars and terraces in the area close only when the final customer has gone home.

Number of stars

Various camp sites are categorised with stars. Generally one can say that a camp site with many stars offers more amenities than a camp site with fewer or no stars. It is important, however, to realise that the star qualification is awarded at a national and sometimes a regional level. This means there is no standardisation. There are also countries where a system with stars isn’t used (the Netherlands). In that case the absence of stars does not mean that the camp site is modestly equipped. It is important to know that Suncamp holidays has no influence over how (or how many) stars are awarded.

Option period

When you make a reservation via Suncamp it is possible to change or cancel without charge. However, this is only possible within 3 working days immediately after the reservation is made, provided it is more than 4 weeks before the departure date.

Other countries, other customs

Make an adventure of your holiday! Everyday life and culture in many countries is so different to your lifestyle 'back home'. It's great to experience, but it makes sense to prepare yourself. If not, you may be in for a few surprises. Find out something about the country you will be visiting before you leave; it will make your stay there so much more enjoyable. If, despite all your endeavours, things don't go according to plan, we advise you to take this up with the camp site management in a friendly yet business-like way. Remember, your holiday should be relaxing! You are supposed to respect the camp site regulations!


More and more camp sites are placing wooden patios or verandas by the accommodations. It is, however, also possible that your accommodation has a patio with stones, sand or grass. Switching to wooden patios/ verandas is expensive and intensive work which has not been carried out in 100% of the locations yet. Moreover it is not always allowed.


Sumcamp holidays also offers campsites where pets are allowed the entire season or only outside high season. Bringing pets with you often isn’t a problem, particularly when booking a pitch. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in the majority of Suncamp holidays accommodations. Note: if pets are indeed allowed, you’ll see in the price table, with the rates for bringing along a pet also displayed during the booking process. If the price isn’t displayed, pets are unfortunately not allowed.

When booking, you must always say if animals are travelling with you, since we’ll often have to ask the campsite about this. If you’re bringing more than one pet, you must consult with Suncamp first.

Your pets must be vaccinated against rabies, and provided with identification (a chip). Proof of vaccination against rabies is mandatory abroad and at most campsites. If your pet is from a protected species, you must also have CITES documents available. Travelling with animals younger than three months is not permitted in many countries, since they cannot be vaccinated against rabies. Different rules apply in each country, so read up thoroughly and go to your vet for further advice.

Price guarantee

Suncamp holidays guarantees that you will pay a competitive price. Suncamp representatives spend time constantly monitoring prices of the individual camp sites and any competitors to make sure we lways bring you the best prices possible. If you find the same quality holiday cheaper please let us know by email toinfo@suncampholidays.co.uk


You can book your Suncamp holiday:
via this website
• by phone +44 (0) 845-22 50 931
Prices and conditions are exactly the same whichever way you choose. You will receive a written confirmation within two weeks. If you don't receive this, contact us immediately.

Retainer deposits

Have you booked accommodation? If so you will be asked for a deposit which must be paid on arrival. This will vary between £ 72,50 and £ 441,3 (€ 100,00 and € 500,00). Provided you leave the accommodation clean and undamaged the camp site will refund the deposit. If you leave the accommodation in a mess the camp site reserves the right to deduct the associated costs from your deposit.

Special requests

If you have special requests, for example a shady pitch, you can always make this known. It's important to realise that Suncamp may not always be able to meet your requirements. Suncamp holidays has binding agreements with its selected camp sites regarding special requests. Despite this, many decisions are made at local level. As a general rule, if you book early there is more chance that your special requests can be met than if you book 'last-minute'.

Swimming pools

Nearly all the camp sites on this website have a swimming pool. Opening dates and times and temperature of the water are fixed by the camp site. In general swimming pools are open from mid May to mid September. Weather conditions may influence this. In some Mediterranean countries swimming pools may close during the siesta. Bermuda and other shorts or inflatable items and toys may not be allowed for hygienic reasons. Suncamp holidays has no influence over these rules.

Tourist tax

Tourist tax is charged in many foreign towns and cities. It is also possible that an environmental tax is payable. The rate is fixed by each town. Tourist tax must always be paid locally (at the camp site) It can vary from £ 0,15 (€ 0,20) per day for children and £ 1,46 (€ 2,00) per day for adults. These amounts change frequently, so the rates where shown, are for information only.

Travel documents

Your travel documents will be sent to you two to three weeks before departure. The voucher is the most important. You will need to present this on arrival at the camp site. Should you arrive with more people, or more cars than shown on the voucher, the camp site has the right to charge you extra.

The camp site’s address information is mentioned on the voucher. Keep in mind… street names and numbers are not always used in southern countries.

Value for money holidays in the low season

Most camp sites open at Easter and close in the autumn. Even so, amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment programmes, shops and restaurants may have restricted opening times in the low seasons. The main advantage of low season holidays is the very attractive prices. This makes special offers even more special. You don't have to go on holiday in the high season? Then you really should take your holiday in spring. The countryside is at its most beautiful, and both roads and camp sites are quiet. On top of that, you'll get a discount of anything up to 50% !

Water supply

In rare cases, exceptional climatic conditions may disturb local water supply systems. Therefore, the management of a camp site may be forced to limit the opening hours of swimming pools. Long lasting periods of drought may also influence the water level in lakes and/or canals.

At some camp sites, boilers are used to provide hot water. In high season the demand for hot water may exceed the supply by these boilers.


The use of Wi-Fi is an amenity that is offered by the campsite. Suncamp Holidays can never be held accountable for any failure of the internet, network and/or loss of data or loss of income due to technical or other malfunctions.