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Campsites in Northern Italy

Northern Italy is a very popular holiday destination. One of the reasons is the extremely varied countryside. From enormous lakes to impressive mountain ranges and forests; the countryside in Northern Italy is absolutely wonderful. With amazing cities such as Turin, Milan, Genoa and, of course, Venice, culture lovers will not get bored in this region either. You can find campsites all over the area that will enable you and your family to enjoy all the good things that ‘the Boot’ has to offer.

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Great lakes

Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore are probably the most well-known lakes in Northern Italy. Varying in size between 150 and 370 m2 they are endless sources of (water) fun. As many tourists spend their holidays by the lakes, there are plenty of campsites to choose from.

Large campsites are veritable holiday paradises that literally have everything you need to enjoy yourself to the full. Those who like a bit of peace and quiet can camp at a small-scale campsite around the lake.

The Dolomites

The areas around the large lakes and cities are not the only places that attract many tourists to Northern Italy, people also flock to the Dolomites. In this mountainous region, fans of winter sports and adventurous holidaymakers will enjoy themselves to the full. Besides skiing and cross-country skiing, you can undertake various hikes (from easy to difficult). Mountain climbing and mountain biking are also options in the area. From summer to winter: there is plenty to do all year round in the Dolomites.

The campites

Many campsites in Northern Italy are located nearby large lakes. There is also no lack of campsites in the Veneto region. Wherever you want to go, there is always a campsite nearby where the staff are ready to welcome you and your family. The amenities at these campsites are well maintained. Many large campsites have luxurious swimming pools, all kinds of sports facilities, multi-lingual entertainment teams for young and old and a large variety of camping options. From your own tent or tipi to mobile homes and SunLodges, every type of camper can be accommodated. If you are mainly looking for peace and quiet during your holiday then you can find that at the smaller campsites in Northern Italy.

The weather

Just like in the other areas around the Mediterranean Sea, it is often sunny in Northern Italy. And yet, the region does have a reputation for its unpredictable weather. This is mainly due to the mountains. This means that it can be wonderful 30 degree weather for days on end and then the weather can change suddenly. The temperature can drop and there is a chance of rain showers and even hail.

Charming Northern Italy

Centuries-old cities overflowing with cultural highlights: that is Northern Italy in a nutshell. Whether refined churches and cathedrals, amiable squares or museums exhibiting masterpieces, culture lovers will be completely at home in the wonderful cities of Northern Italy, each with its own character.

Those who like staying by the sea will be well placed in the charming ports such as Genoa or Venice. Turin and Milan are located more inland. After a major renovation, Turin has become a pleasant, friendly city to stay in and Milan is of course the Valhalla for fashion fanatics.

  • Genoa
    The capital of the Liguria region is known as one of the most important ports on the Mediterranean Sea. The old harbour area and the historic centre are great places for tourists to visit and wonderful places for relaxing at pavement cafes under the palm trees. There are also numerous squares, fountains and palaces making a visit to Genoa more than worth your while.
  • Venice
    When you say Northern Italy, Venice springs to mind. The picturesque port in the region of Veneto is a romantic crossroads of canals, bridges, streets and alleyways. Whether you go by foot or in a gondola, your visit will be a genuine voyage of discovery. You will encounter wonderful museums and palaces, unique boutiques and intimate bars everywhere. Tip: Celebrate the traditional carnival here and visit Doge’s Palace and the famous St Mark’s Square.
  • Milan
    After Rome, Milan is the country’s largest city. There are numerous things to experience here. Although the city is known for its economic character (you will see business men and women in stylish tailored clothing all over the place), there are also plenty of interesting districts for tourists. Walk between the beautiful buildings and over charming squares or find a seat at a pavement cafe in the artistic district where you can sample the most delicious drinks and exceptional snacks. Milan is easily reached from the campsites in the vicinity of Lake Maggiore or Lake Como.

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