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Anna: your personal travel guide

What is the best water park in the vicinity of your campsite? Where can you buy fresh bread or which supermarket is open on a Saturday afternoon? Where can you eat the tastiest pizzas? Ask Anna, your personal travel guide, via WhatsApp! With this handy WhatsApp service you receive free information, tips and advice during your Suncamp holiday. Including the best tips and facts about the region!

About Anna

My name is Anna. I love going on holiday with my family! We like to travel around Europe and visit the nicest places. We prefer spending the night at a lovely spot in Italy and we like to take our dog with us on holiday. Curious about my tips? I will be happy to help you have a successful camping holiday!

Mijn naam is Anna

Avoid the crowds

When you receive tips from us about great sights in the vicinity of your campsite, we automatically send you a link to Google Maps. The link is handy for the exact location but also to see how busy it is there at that time. Please note: as Google data is anonymised, Anna can never totally guarantee that the indicated crowd levels are correct. They could deviate slightly.

Others about Anna

Anna has already helped many holidaymakers with fun tips and advice. She helps families find the coolest water park in the area, tells you where the best places are for walks, and which sights you really must see. Many families see her as an ideal travelling companion, because Anna knows everything!

"'Anna, all your directions were really useful. We want you to come with us on holiday next time too!'

Tips and questions

Not only is Anna available for tips, but you can also ask her questions as well. Send your questions to her via WhatsApp between 9 am and 8 pm (Dutch time). You will receive an answer within an hour. It may take a little longer with complicated questions, but you will receive a message if that is the case. If you send your message before 9 am or after 8 pm, no worries! Anna will answer those messages as soon as she is back online.

If you no longer want to receive messages, send 'Anna Off' to +44 7700 166030.

If you have any questions about this WhatsApp service, get in touch via anna@suncamp.nl.
With any other questions, you can contact our Customer Service via +31 (0) 488 - 45 42 45 or info@suncamp.co.uk *Terms and Conditions: - The service is available for holidays with an arrival date in 2022. - Anna is available between 9 am and 8 pm (Dutch time). - Anna is only available during your holiday, not before or after. - Anna is only available by text message via WhatsApp. - The internet costs are at your own expense. - Subject to errors and changes.