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Online reservations

How do you make a booking?

First, find a campsite via the search field called “find and book campsites” at the top of the page of via this page.

  1. Go to the campsite page. Here, you will see the availability and rates per accommodation, sorted by date, in a table. If you have not yet indicated an arrival date and holiday duration, you can do so here. The availability table will then immediately change according to your requirements.
  2. In the availability table, click “book now” next to the date and accommodation of your choice. You will be sent to the booking page.
  3. Follow the steps in the booking process; make sure you fill in your details completely and correctly. After you have filled in your details, in step 5 of the booking process, you will be shown a summary of everything you have filled in.
  4. If you agree, please click “confirm booking”. You will receive a confirmation, including the invoice, of your booking via e-mail. A My Suncamp account will also be created for you, where you can see all the personal and payment details of your booking.

How is your booking processed?

You will receive a confirmation, including the invoice, of your booking via e-mail within a few minutes. It may happen that the confirmation e-mail ends up in your spam folder because your e-mail program doesn’t recognise the sender. Please check this folder just in case.

If you have chosen to pay in two instalments, then you will need to put in a deposit of 30% of the sum, as per the conditions. If you have taken out cancellation insurance via us, then this must be paid together with the deposit. We expect this deposit to be paid within 10 days of receipt of the invoice.

The remaining amount must have been transferred to us more than 6 weeks before arrival at the campsite. If the reservation has an arrival date within 6 weeks of the reservation date, then the full amount must be transferred to us immediately.

After we have received the full amount, the travel documents will be sent to you, 2 to 3 weeks before the arrival date.