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 Regular customers save more! 

At Suncamp holidays we like to do something extra for our regular customers. Repeat bookings pay off for both of us, so the more often you book your camping holiday with us, the higher the discount*. 

SunBonus - a discount of as much as € 100 per booking

  •  Bronze status: € 22 discount on a 2nd and 3rd booking 
  •  Silver status: € 50 discount on a 4th and 5th booking
  •  Gold status: € 75 discount on a 6th and 7th booking
  •  Platinum status: € 100 discount on a 8th booking or more

If you are entitled to one of these great bonuses, then you’ve probably already received an e-mail from us with a unique discount code. If you haven’t received anything or if you're not sure if you're eligible for this sunny bonus, check out your status here

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In the booking process, use the same e-mail address that you used for your previous booking(s). Otherwise the discount code won’t be valid.

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*SunBonus terms and conditions

- The SunBonus only applies for customers who book directly through Suncamp.co.uk.
- The SunBonus discount is valid on bookings of a minimum of 7 nights, applies to the entire range of accommodations and to all arrival dates.
- The SunBonus discount is valid on bookings with a minimum travel sum of € 500.
- The SunBonus discount applies to bookings with 2022 as the year of arrival.
- The SunBonus discount is only calculated if you use the same e-mail address as your last booking or bookings and you enter your unique discount code in step 2 in the booking process. This code was sent to you by e-mail. If you no longer have this e-mail, it is possible to ask for a new code on this page.
- The SunBonus discount cannot be applied to bookings already made.
- Your SunBonus status will be calculated retroactively from 2015. For example, if you booked once in 2019, you will receive a € 22 discount on your next booking. 
- Your SunBonus status will be saved for up to 7 years in case of inactivity. After that period, when you make a new booking, you start building up your total from scratch again. 
- Subject to errors and modifications.
- For campsite bookings the discount is a maximum of € 50.