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Your holiday for this year has already been booked

But it is possible that someting will happen in the next period to cause you to postpone or even cancel your holiday. The travel agency will charge you cancellation-costs, sometimes up to 100% of the booking-amount.

The Cancellation Insurance will cover these cancellations-costs, in case of an event covered in the general conditions of the insurance company. This insurance also offers you coverage if you, suddenly, have to break off your holiday or in case of hospitalisation. In this case the insurance-company will cover the unused days of your holiday, ofcourse again in case of an event covered in the general conditions of the insurance company.

We advise you to close the insurance directly at booking. If you wait longer than 7 days the insurance company will no longer offer you coverage for allready known diseases, abnormities or other medical conditions.

On our homepage at "general information" you can find a few very important (main)conditions concerning the Cancellation Insurance. You will receive extensive conditions for the Cancellation Insurance together with your invoice. This invoice is also your insurance policy.

Calculation examples
Cancellation Insurance 5,5% x £ 1.000,00 £ 55,00
Insurance tax 21% x (£ 55,00 + £ 3,15) £ 12,21
Insurance cost £ 3,15
Total £ 70,36
The costs of the cancellation insurance is 5,5% of the booking-amount, this is a small fee compared with the costs of an actual cancellation.

All-risk Cancellation Insurance

As well as Cancellation Insurance, Suncamp holidays offers an All-risk Cancellation Insurance. If you choose an All-risk Cancellation Insurance, then you're free to decide if you want to annul your holiday or end your holiday early. Is your reason for cancelling not covered as standard? In that case, we will cover 75% of the annulment fee or the termination fee.

You are not entitled to any pay-out if you want to annul or terminate your holiday early because:

  • you no longer want to go
  • the weather conditions are not good (for example, too much rain, or too little sun)
  • the travel company or airline has gone bankrupt.

In these cases, the All-risk Cancellation Insurance can be invoked.