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Campsite Limburg Belgium

A holiday in Limburg in Belgium means enjoyment from your campsite. Limburg guarantees a varied camping holiday due to its abundant supply of recreation, nature and culture. The region has a number of truly wonderful cities and beautiful natural areas. Camping in Belgian Limburg is a cultural and Bourgondic voyage of discovery that is full of surprises!

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Sights in Belgian Limburg

Belgian Limburg has plenty of beautiful cities filled with sights like Hasselt, Genk and Tongeren. Great for a day trip during your stay at a campsite in Limburg.

Many holiday-makers in this region may know Hasselt from the Pukkelpop festival but this city has a lot more on offer. A visit to Europe’s largest authentic Japanese garden is highly recommendable from your campsite. The Bokrijk Open Air Museum in the neighbouring Genk is a wonderful day out for both young and old.

Tongeren is the oldest city in Belgium with a Roman past and plenty of museums, buildings and other sites, like the Beguine court and the Statue of Ambiorix. It is a great destination for a day trip during your stay at a campsite.

Cycling and hiking in Belgian Limburg

You can find a number of beautiful natural areas in Belgian Limburg where you will have plenty to do. If you want to take a lovely hike or cycle ride then you are at the right address in the following nature parks:

  • The Kattevennen
    The Kattevennen is the gateway to the Limburgse Campine. Besides cycling, hiking and miniature golf you can also visit the Cosmodrome shows; where you can experience an exciting voyage of discovery through the stars, planets and other mysterious phenomenon.
  • The Kempen and the Maasland
    The Northeast of Belgian Limburg consists of the Hoge Kempen, the Meuse valley (Maasland) and the Kempen-Broek. There are picturesque villages situated along the Meuse River and for the ultimate holiday experience you can enjoy fishing and swimming here or just take it easy.
  • Hesbaye and Voeren
    The regional landscape of Hesbaye and Voeren is an exceptional area in the south of Belgian Limburg. The region’s rolling landscape and its individual character are good reasons to visit it from your campsite.

Amenities at the campsite

Camping in the Limburg’s Kempen with the Civic guard festivals, carnivals and fanfares is highly recommendable. You can choose to camp here in your own tent or caravan. Belgian Limburg also has plenty of campsites where you can rent an accommodation such as a bungalow or mobile home.

When you go camping in Belgian Limburg with the whole family your children will have even more fun if there is a swimming pool, play ground or entertainment team. Many of the campsites have these amenities.