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Campsite Picardy France

Campsites in Picardy mean an unforgettable holiday. Picardy is a region in the northernmost of France with a rich history and a wonderful landscape. You can find vast woodlands, beautiful beaches and wide meadows all in the vicinity of your campsite. Picardy is an ideal camping destination for those who love a bit of variety.

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Campsites Picardy: Somme, Oise and Aisne

Picardy is divided into three departments, which are all named after the river that flows through them. Somme, Oise and Aisne have their own distinctive characters and there is plenty to do.

If you want to visit the beach from your campsite then Somme is the place for you. You can find a beautiful natural area in the vicinity of your campsite: the Bay of Somme.

In Oise there are wonderful woodlands in the vicinity of the campsite. It is a great place for hiking or cycling. Aisne is characterised by its many lovely villages.

If you can’t be bothered to drag your own accommodation along to the campsite then Picardy offers you many other possibilities. Rent a luxury mobile home for example. Picardy is perfectly suited for great family holidays. You can usually find more than enough playful activities to enjoy at your campsite.

Sights in Picardy

In this region there is always plenty of culture on offer within reach of your campsite. Picardy has an interesting history that is worth exploring:

  • Capital, Amiens
    This medieval city has all the ingredients for an adventurous day away from your campsite. The Cathedral Notre Dame is just one of the beautiful sights in Amiens.
  • Fortified city, Laon
    Laon was built in the middle ages as a fortified city. Go and visit the ancient buildings from your campsite. Laon is also a wonderful city to just stroll through.

If you want to take a day trip from your campsite with the children then it’s a good idea to leave Picardy and travel to Paris, which is located close by. Visit Euro Disney and venture into the magnificent French capital.

There are of course many more fine sights to see in this region. The countryside in Picardy cannot be ignored. It’s a wonderful place to go cycling during your holiday. Picardy is a varied region where you will be guaranteed a fantastic holiday staying at a campsite. Picardy will not disappoint you!

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