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Campsite Île-de-France

A campsite in Île-de-France offers you a unique holiday. Ile de France has wonderful nature, impressive castles, gardens, parks and golf courses. If you are looking for romance, visit Paris! If you are looking to keep your children happy, visit Disneyland or Parc Asterix! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Ile de France is an enchanting region!

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Campsites Île-de-France: castles, gardens and parks

You can’t miss a visit to the wonderful city of Paris when staying at your campsite. Yet Île-de-France has a lot more on offer than just the French capital. There are numerous lovely cities and attractive woodlands for you to visit:

  • Castle of Versailles
    If you want a bit of luxury when staying at your campsite, then close to Paris is the city of Versailles, known above all for its impressive castle. With countless rooms, stables, country houses, the summer house and the French garden, there is plenty to see and enjoy.
  • Medieval Provins
    This beautiful town is worth visiting to see the impressive medieval city fortress walls. If you want to enjoy a delicious meal within reach of your camping site then Provins has the oldest hostelry in France, Hostellerie de la Croix D'Or, where you can still dine.
  • Wooded Fontainebleau
    If you want to take a refreshing hike from your campsite then Fontainebleau has more than just a beautiful chateau, it also has rugged woodlands. Providing you a variety of lovely hiking routes. You can of course explore the forests on a mountain bike.

Great day trips from your campsite: Euro Disney

Disneyland Paris is the ultimate children’s paradise. If you visit a camp site in this region, you have to take your children to this park. Euro Disney is an enchanting experience. Discover all your Disney heroes and spend a great day here from your campsite in Île-de-France.

If you like playing golf during your holidays then there are more than sixty golf courses in Île-de-France! You will also find many other sports facilities at your campsite. Ile de France means a campsite close to Paris but also a holiday in a natural environment. You can really experience everything within reach of your campsite. The Ile de France guarantees you a varied holiday!